Friday, January 18, 2013

SHRED Week 3

I can't believe that today is already the last day of week 2 on SHRED! It's been a good week for both my husband and I. We had some challenges along the way but we are both still learning and still hanging in there! I am super proud of how good both of us are doing on Dr. Ian's SHRED diet. Some days are definitely better than other's but we are really learning a lot and that's awesome. Like, on days when I am craving fried foods like french fries and potato chips, I will have a snack like Sour Cream n Onion Special K Cracker Chips. I swear they are so close to real potato chips and they are not even at a fraction of the calories.  I am also not a fan of protein shakes so I have been freezing them and no joke, yesterday it was like I was eating chocolate ice cream. I have been buying the Kellogs and Special K protein shakes for when we are busy and can't make our own and we are really becoming fans. I have to put them in the freezer first because it really improves the taste but I am finally getting to where I actually don't mind them.  I have also found that low-fat vanilla yogurt with a little bit of frozen berries is a delicious yet healthy treat when I am craving something sweet. I laughed at a comment on here the other day of a girl craving nachos and cheese. Nick and I were craving Chinese cuisine so badly this week that we actually talked ourselves into going to our favorite Mongolian Grill.  But, instead of pigging out, we both had a sensible size plate of our favorite entree and then added an extra workout to our day. So yes, we went off the SHRED meal plan for one meal but we made sure we at practical portion sizes and made up for it with an extra workout so I didn't feel guilty at all. This was the first time in 2 solid weeks that we went off of the plan but it didn't affect our weight loss at all.

 As of today, I have lost 11 pounds on SHRED and my husband has lost 20. This is the week where I am expecting our weight loss to really slow down as our bodies adjust to the new eating and exercising and I am no stranger to this stage, also known as the plateau. It stinks when you get to this stage but SHRED Week 3 promises to push through it and is designed to allow your body to continue losing fat and inches so we shall see what Week 3 of SHRED has to bring! SHRED on! 


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