Sunday, January 20, 2013

SHRED Week 3.......I Think I Can, I Think I Can.

Dr. Ian wasn't joking when he said in his book that Week 3 was designed to be the toughest week. I am not going to lie. I. Am. Hungry. LOL This is the first time since I started SHRED that I can say that I am really hungry and not being satisfied. I think that's because most of the meals at this point are smoothies, protein shakes or soup. So take my advice. When you get to Week 3, make your snacks count! Today for breakfast I only got a glass of lemon water and a protein shake so I am strategically choosing snacks for the rest of the day that I know fill me up the most like graham crackers with peanut butter, animal crackers, yogurt with granola, etc. The next 3 meals are all liquid so those snacks are super important!!!  

On a positive note, today is the first day that I can honestly say I FEEL thinner. My pants are loose and I don't have to suck in to hide the fat in my tummy and I feel great. My husband sent me a text from work today to tell me how much better he felt too and that he didn't have to suck in to button his work pants. Funny but true. 

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. 


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I'm in week two. You and your husband have lost an impressive amount of weight!! Good for you! I'm curious about how much exercise you do. I'm have a hard time with the 45 minute days. Hadn't exercised in a long time..

  2. We do the recommended amount of exercise as it is outlined in the book but let me give you a tip! Starting out, 30-45 minutes of continuous cardio can be difficult so instead of doing it all at once, try breaking it up. When I first started getting back into shape, I broke my 30 minutes up into three 10 minute workouts. After a few days, I bumped it up into two 15 minute workouts and then gradually worked up until I could do the whole workout in 1 setting.

  3. You guys are doing great!!!! We are starting week 2! I lost 10 pounds in the first week! I am super excited to continue on! The only thing I am worried about is doing smoothies for dinner....did you change the plan at all? I am just wondering If I can switch a meal for dinner and shake earlier in the day? What do you think? I love your updates and it helps that you are a week ahead! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!-Amanda

  4. It actually says in the book that you can switch a meal around occasionally. On days where we get to choose between smoothies, protein shakes and soups, I save the soup for my evening meal. It is extremely difficult for me to do the liquid meals in the evening when I am cooking for 4 kids too :)

  5. Thanks for the exercise advice. I'll try to do better!
    Amanda - I switch my meals around too. I work in an office so eathing a meal at 3:30 or 4 doesn't work. I always make that one of the liquid meals and have food at lunch time.
    -- Stacey


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