Saturday, January 19, 2013

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

I find my husband to be incredibly easy to buy gifts for but I have heard a lot of women complaining lately that they don't know what to get their significant other for Valentine's Day. I though it would be nice if I put together a quick list of quick and easy gift ideas in case you might be stuck too! 

*Gift Certificates to Restaurants-Everybody knows that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach

*Sports tickets-What man wouldn't love a trip to see his favorite team play?

*Cologne-I don't know any man who doesn't like to smell good

*Book from his favorite author or one of his favorite movies-This shows you pay attention to his interests! 
*Something homemade-Make him his favorite sweet treat!

*Hybrid Golf Clubs-If your man loves to hit the green, he will be stoked with this gift for sure!

*Homemade brew kit-Got a beer lover? This makes an awesome gift that he will go crazy over!

*An exciting experience-A lot of places now let you book things like driving a race car, sky diving or even a flying lesson!

*Surprise getaway-Book a hotel and hit the road for a weekend away from home!

*Clothes-Clothes are boring for most men but if you have a fashionable guy, he will probably enjoy a new outfit or a new pair of kicks or even a new hat!

*Jewelry-How about a new watch or a fashion ring from 

Whatever you give him, give it to him out of love and he will love it for sure!


  1. My husband is fairly easy too. He loves gift cards or coffee or both. LOL!

  2. i've been thinking about getting my husband a new ring - that one looks nice. so do the golf clubs!

  3. Great ideas for the hubby!! Guys can be hard to shop for!

  4. My husband plays golf every chance he gets. Any golf gift makes him happy!


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