Saturday, February 2, 2013

Make Learning Fun with Super Duper Publications

The number one thing I have tried to do as a mother is to show my children that learning can be fun. I am constantly on the lookout for fun and educational toys that my children will enjoy. Unfortunately, not all children learn the same. While auditory learners are great listeners, just telling them about something will make the information stick. Visual learners, however, need to see pictures and examples of what they are learning about. Kinesthetic learners learn by moving so you might need to act things out to get them to remember. When you have a child with a learning disability, you might have to really experiment before you find what method works the best for them and if you are out of ideas, let me introduce you to Super Duper Publications

Whether your child needs help with social skills, reading, math, spelling and critical thinking, etc. you can browse Super Duper's eCatalog to find fun resources from software to games to iPhone Apps.  We recently received the Jeepers Peepers  game from them and what a super fun time we have had with this game! Jeepers Peepers is an ask and answer type game where each person has to ask questions to guess what the card is on their head.  Honestly, the glasses are genius. I remember playing a similar game in school where we had to hold index cards on our heads. This is so much better! The one guessing can ask yes or no questions to the other players until they feel confident that they know what their card is. This is recommended for kindergarten and up. We played with our 2nd, 4th and 5th graders and not only did they have a good time, but my husband and I had a blast playing with them. There are 6 pairs of glasses so our whole family can play at the same time! 

I was especially excited to browse the site because our 2 year old has a speech delay. He works with a speech therapist once a week but I have been looking for a product to use at home to mimic the products they use at speech therapy. Unfortunately the picture cards they use at his speech class are over $200. I was able to find a set of cards called Turn & Talk Early Sounds from Super Duper Publications to use to help our son with his speech and the words are almost identical to the one's on the cards at speech. He struggles with initial sounds as well as ending sounds and these cards are going to be an amazing help for us!  We have been sitting and doing a few of the letters each day with him and it's so nice to be able to have the same type of resources at home that his therapist utilizes. Sometimes when we are just hanging around the house, he will actually go and get the cards himself and tell me he wants to read his cards. It's really nice that he enjoys them and even better, they are strong, sturdy cards that he can easily flip on his own and I don't have to worry about him tearing them.

I am really impressed with Super Duper Publications and I am so excited to continue shopping with them as our children grow. They have some really neat products that I know our children would really enjoy. Check out their website today to see everything they have to offer! You can also check out some of their newer releases like Yogarilla, Ring Bling and Dice Dude!!


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  1. Both my boys have fine motor skills problems so I love the Fine Motor Fun Deck

  2. I'd like this fun set of cards: Sentence Fill-in Fun Deck

  3. Turn & Talk Early Sounds looks very helpful for my son. As parents its good to see there are resources that are not as expensive.


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