Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Casement Windows are a Great Choice for Your Home

We purchased our new home back in the fall of last year and one of the things that I was really happy about is that most of the rooms in our house have nice windows with lots of years left on them.  We do need to purchase a couple of new windows, however, so we have been on the lookout for some new one's! Several of the rooms have casement windows which I love but I am not sure if I want to replace the old windows with new casement windows or not. Casement windows are nice for vertical window openings or as a combination with a picture window. This is what we have in our living room.  I do like them because I can open them from inside of the house and clean both sides. This is one of the biggest perks.  You can also get them with a low profile crank which makes for a more stylish look. We have casement windows in our kitchen and they have a big, ugly crank and I hate that. This is one of the windows I would love to replace! My casement windows open way farther than our regular windows and this is a feature I really like.

Another perk I really like is that I feel like casement windows offer more security to our home. They are nearly impossible to break into! I know this because I locked my keys in the house one day and I about went crazy trying to get inside. Ultimately I had to wait for my husband to come home from work and let me in because I absolutely could not get into those windows! The only negative I can really think of right off is that the mechanical parts break a little easier because of overuse. The crank in our daughters bedroom is broken and we need to get that fixed.

Do you have casement windows in your home? Do you like them?


  1. Casement windows open external for light, and fresh air . They're tightly sealed for energy efficiency and great for hard-to-reach places, Casements crank open, as opposed to sliding up and down.


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