Thursday, February 28, 2013

Natural Gas

Natural gas is a naturally occurring gas that is found deep underground and is extracted via wells drilled into the ground. Once extracted, it is ready for use in homes and businesses following a simple filtering and separation process. It produces 75% less greenhouse gases compared to electricity making it a much better energy source.  You can use natural gas for heating, cooking and hot water while helping to reduce your carbon footprint.  Safe and efficient, natural gas has been used in various countries, including Australia for over 100 years now.  Companies like Jemena are a great choice that offer natural gas.  

While natural gas is odorless, a distinct scent is added to it to help detect leaks. A couple of weeks ago, I arrived home to smell a strong gas smell in my house. I immediately left the house and called the gas company who sent someone out right away. I stayed outside while they used a detector inside the house to check our gas levels in the air and then they proceeded to check our stove, water heater and furnace as they all use natural gas. Luckily we didn't have a leak but I felt good knowing that if we did, I would be able to smell it. Because all of our major appliances in our home are operated by natural gas, this is extremely important to me. I learned a lot through this as well. Like, if you think you might have a gas leak, don't turn on any lights, leave off all of the burners and get out of your home as quickly as possible. 

Do you use natural gas in your home? 


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