Monday, February 4, 2013

Paying it Forward

I have heard a lot of stories lately about people doing random acts of kindness and "paying it forward" and I have just been itching for an opportunity to do something nice for someone. Good deeds really are contagious, you know?! So yesterday my husband and I went all out on food for the Super Bowl. We spent well over $100 on everything you can think of for the big game and just before it was time to get started, I realized I had forgotten a couple of things. I ran to our local discount store to get what I needed and when I got into line, the cashier told me I had to wait because the person ahead of me did not have enough money to pay for his things and that he had run out to his car to see if he had any change. FINALLY! A perfect chance for me to do something nice for someone else. I didn't even see how much it was, I just told the lady that I would like to pay for their stuff for them. She stalled around and told me I needed to ask them first to make sure it was ok. I was getting antsy because I didn't want the person to see who had paid for the stuff so without another second of hesitation, I just quickly swiped my debit card through the card reader before she could object anymore. She shook her head and proceeded to ring me up and right as I was paying for my own things, this frazzled young guy came in with a fist full of change to finish paying for his stuff. She pointed to me and told him that I had paid his bill (It was only a total of $5 and some change!) and he proceeded to try and give me the money he had wadded up in his hand. I smiled at him and told him that it was ok, it was on me, and all I ask is that if he is ever in a position to help someone else out that might be down on their luck that he do so and he smiled and agreed and we both left. 

I left feeling like a trillion dollars. It really is so much better to give than to receive. I feel so blessed that we have opportunities arise where we get to help other people. You can do such little things that make such a HUGE impact on people's lives. 

So that is my challenge for you today. This week, do something nice for someone who doesn't expect it or maybe even someone who you think just isn't deserving of it. Take someone a meal, pay for someone's coffee. Whatever it is, do it with a cheerful heart and I promise you will be blessed beyond measure!


  1. What a great thing to do! I've been wanting to do this myself. My cousin found a tiny little paper folded up on a community bulletin board with a note & a ten dollar bill. She's now trying to figure out how to pay it forward as well.

  2. How awesome! love your story. I don't really have the money to pay it forward that way. But I do help the elderly neighbor couple shovel the sidewalk in winter time, and babysit for single moms for free to give them some "me" time.


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