Sunday, February 10, 2013

Personalized Gifts from Personal Creations

If there is one thing that I absolutely love it's personalized gifts. You can tell a lot about a gift just by looking at it and when I see that someone has taken the time to purchase a personalized gift, I know that a lot of thought and time went into it to make it special and unique.  Our little guy turned 3 yesterday and right now he is into anything and everything that has his name on it so I was super excited to visit Personal Creations and place an order for his birthday!  I think he is now at an age where learning to recognize his name is important and this is such a great way to get them to do that! 

 I have been looking for a cute container for Aiden to keep his bath toys in so I was really hoping to find something along those lines for him during my visit to In the past I purchased personalized Easter baskets from Personal Creations so I already knew they had a lot of different types of buckets and baskets to pick from and it only took me a minute to find one that our son would love!  How adorable is this Cookie Monster bucket?! It would be the perfect Easter Basket but I plan to use it for all of the bath toys that I am continuously trying to find a place for in the kids bathroom! Personal Creations has a sweet collection of Sesame Street pails for both boys and girls so definitely check them out! 

Since we are going to use the pail in the bathroom, I thought it was only fitting to get the matching bath towel to go with it! The Cookie Monster bath towel turned out so cute! So cute, in fact, that I was thinking I might have to go back and order the matching robe to go with it! 

We had a party yesterday with all of our close family to celebrate so I also wanted to find our son a shirt and hat to wear to his party. The first thing I found was the personalized birthday hat and I was so stoked when it arrived. It is too cute for words! We had them put Happy Birthday Aiden across the front of it and it could not have turned out cuter. As a bonus, this hat is only $7.99 right now which is an absolute steal!  We also found a cute little Birthday Boy shirt and we were able to get his name on that as well! 

Seriously, how cute is this?!?!?! 

It doesn't matter what the occasion, I am positive you will be so impressed with the selection at Personal Creations! Be sure to check them out and for an added bonus, check out the Personal Creations Coupons page to save even more money!!

*Review products were provided to us at no cost; all opinions are our own*


  1. I love personalized items too. The bucket and towel are so cute and how adorable is he in that hat :)

  2. They're pretty. I want to personalized some of the items of my kids too.

  3. Oh I just love items being personalized too! Oh Carter would LOVE that towel! And I love that birthday hat too! Carter will be turning 3 soon, I will have to check them out! Cute stuff!

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