Monday, February 4, 2013

The Comedy Era Spans

The concept of comedy has changed over the years, and in this day and age it is not easy to define the sort of humor that sells. People have started to gag to the most unusual things, and the world of comedy is in a state of uncontrollable transition.

Gone are the days when Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean were the reason behind an audience’s uproarious laughter; though these legends live on, their places have been taken by more spontaneous comics. Today, comedy seems to cater to every individual out there, and the genre of entertainment has developed in a way that it pleases everyone.

Television sitcoms have played a paramount role in elevating the slapstick side of entertainment. TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and Two and a Half Men have encompassed various aspects of the society, and have successfully found humor in all of them! Whether it is a group of young friends, a rich Casanova, or a bunch of science geeks, the well-executed comedies have become a huge success. Other popular TV plays include New Girl, Girls, and The Carrie Diaries.

Theatrical stages like Broadway, Chicago, and West End are also bustling with musicals and comedic plays that tickle the funny bone. The theatre industry is booming, with a great number of Annie, Mamma Mia, Shrek, and The Book ofMormon Boston tickets being sold. There is no doubt that the theatrics are following up real fast in the comedy race.

The modern age of comedy is incomplete without a contribution from Hollywood. In recent years, the movie industry has churned out some great comedic content, which pleases a lot of target audiences. From chick flick comedies to action and other miscellaneous genres, everyone can find something for themselves. Recent films that have bombed the box office with high ratings include Due Date, The Hangover, Project X, Jeff Who Lives At Home, and 21 Jump Street, to name a few.

Animated films have also ventured into comedy; prominent examples being South Park and Kung Fu Panda. Animated sitcoms for both children and adults are doing well in comedy; The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Ed Edd and Eddy, are some examples.

The internet, and primarily YouTube, has played a vital role in altering the classical form of comedy. The evolution of social media owes us this one; thanks to the freedom of expression that a video camera and a YouTube account can give!

Famous YouTubecomics like Fail Blog, Niga Higa, and Ray William Johnson have made waves across the internet, with their videos boasting of millions of views. The genre of comedy has become more personal now, and anyone can cook up a comical piece and upload it within minutes.

Lastly, the recent revolution in the world of laughter was brought by music. Who thought music could make people laugh? But somehow, there are people on the internet like PSY and OnePound Fish Man, who are entrancing billions of people with their creative work.

Comedy is not only lighthearted entertainment that makes you feel better, it is also doing wonders to bridge some gaps. It is debatable yet undeniable that many global issues (like racism) are being dissolved by the media, via comedy, in a rather healthy manner.

*Guest post contributed by Becky W*

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