Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Unspoken Rules of Honeymoons: What Not To Do!

Honeymoons are often the most anticipated part of the wedding. It’s a wonderful time to relax and enjoy your new status as a married couple. If you’re worried about all those horror stories of honeymoons gone awry, don’t freak out, here are a few simple tips to help you create the best memories possible.

Don’t go for Price over Quality

Nothing ruins a honeymoon like ending up somewhere you’re not both comfortable and happy. Be prepared to splurge a little on your honeymoon.

The honeymoon, in a way, sets the tone for your lives together. You want to make sure that you’re both making choices that will mean your time is happy and peaceful, with both of your interests being catered to. For the honeymoon, this means you shouldn’t be settling for sub-standard plans or missing out on the things either of you find important, just so you can make the budget stretch a little further.

Don’t Fly Blind

When you’re planning your honeymoon, make sure that the choices you’re making are informed decisions, not a stab in the dark. Do plenty of research about destinations, accommodations and activities. Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into before you get there to ensure you’ll both be happy with all elements of your trip once you get there.

Ask travel agents, explore honeymoon packages, ask friends and family, and read reviews and traveller blogs. Don’t just choose based on web-sites and advertisements, they’re designed to make a place or activity look good regardless of the actual quality.

Don’t Rush

Your honeymoon should be focused on spending time together as a couple. Don’t plan so many activities that you spend more time running around than romancing. If you’re the kind of couple who love to keep busy then perhaps a relaxing honeymoon isn’t for you, but even then you should avoid cramming too much into one day.

There will be plenty more opportunities to travel and cram lots of adventures into your trips, but your honeymoon should be all about spending quality one-on-one time together and enjoying each other’s company. If you switch the focus to rushing around and keeping to schedules, you’re missing the point.

Don’t Bring Your Job Along

Don’t let your honeymoon turn into a work-away trip. Your honeymoon is a time for forgetting the rest of the world and spending time with your partner, so leave the business phone and laptop at home, don’t check your work email or give the office your number at the hotel, just let them know that you’ll be unavailable and out of contact until you return. Work is a stressful thing to bring along to a honeymoon, but it’s even more stressful for your partner, who may end up feeling ignored. Your partner wants to know that he/she is your priority, not work.

Don’t Plan Separate Activities

You’ll have lots more opportunities throughout your lives together to do all the things you love to do separately from your partner, but during the honeymoon you should only plan to do things that you can both enjoy together.

If you love to snorkel but your partner can’t swim, don’t plan a snorkelling tour on your honeymoon, just wait until your next trip; you can snorkel while he/she spends a day at a spa or on golfing. Time apart is important for any relationship, but your honeymoon is about togetherness.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Don’t ruin the honeymoon by ending up in a fight over a small disagreement or by creating stress over a change of plans. Even the bigger things should be able to be forgiven or forgotten when it comes to your honeymoon.

Communication is key here, tell your partner how you’re feeling and engage in frank and open discussion. You must both promise not to approach any discussion with an attitude of judgement or anger, always be understanding and see each other’s side.

It’s simple really, just avoid these common mistakes and remember your focus: each other and the love you share. All that’s left then is to enjoy the magic of your honeymoon, the trip that you’ll always remember fondly.

Written by Jasmine Poole
Jasmine has travelled across 30 countries in the last 18 months. She is currently in Darwin, Australia.

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