Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easy Pinto's and Cheese Recipe

I have been trying to work beans into my diet over the past few months but I have to admit, I am really NOT a fan. I do love Taco Bell's pinto's and cheese but I am pretty sure that doesn't count because there is NOTHING healthy in that dish. LOL I wondered if I could make a healthier version and well, I did! Not only is this a healthier alternative but it doesn't give me heart burn like TB's version and I feel good about eating it! 

Simple Pinto's and Cheese


1 Cup Cooked Pinto Beans 
Shredded Cheese (I prefer Monterey Jack) 
Salt, Pepper to taste
Red sauce, optional (Salsa and Taco or Enchilada sauces work great)


*Cook the beans according to jar (Most just need heated for a few minutes)
*Pour beans into blender, blend until smooth (Make sure you keep the liquid in the beans, it helps it blend smooth)
*Pour blended beans into a bowl
*Season with salt, pepper and if you like a little kick, I also use a little cayenne pepper
*Sprinkle just a little bit of cheese on the top
*Add salsa or sauce to the top 
*Enjoy with baked tortilla chips or on whole grain tortilla shells

ENJOY! Seriously, how easy is that?! You can't find an easier recipe. If you don't have a blender (I use my smoothie maker) you can mash the beans with a fork. It won't be as smooth but still tastes delicious!


If you are cooking for a crowd, just increase the ingredients and keep heated in a crock pot until you are ready to eat!


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