Friday, March 22, 2013

Meet the Croods

Grug, Guy, Eep, Ugga, Thunk and Gran! It may initially sound like gobbledegook, but these are actually the main characters in an upcoming animated movie, The Croods. The only way I can think to describe this film is Ice Age meets The Flintstones.

Set in the pre-historic era, the Croods are the world’s first family. Grug (Nicolas Cage) is an overprotective father whose only goal in life is to ensure that his children are kept safe by never leaving the cave.

Little does he know that his world is about to change forever. An earthquake destroys the family home, forcing him and his family to face the outside world for the first time. We see what lies ahead at the same time as the Croods. The colourful landscape is a sharp cry from the dark and gloomy cave the family have been living in.

Keen to break free and explore the world

Eep (Emma Stone), Grug’s eldest daughter, is the complete opposite of her father; she craves excitement and wants to discover new things. She is completely bowled over by the new creatures, colours and plants that are now only inches away, but Grug is more concerned with finding shelter.

Not only do the Croods now have to start out on a hunt for a new home, whilst avoiding all the dangers of the big bad world, but Eep manages to make the situation worse by falling in love. Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is a rather resourceful, but somewhat quirky teenager, dedicated to searching for ‘tomorrow’.

Can The Croods make it to safety? Guy promises them safety in a distant land, but can he deliver? Will Grug be proven right? The outside world is not something that should be explored. Or will Eep finally get the adventure she has always dreamed of?

It’s not long now until we will find out exactly what happens to this loveable family. Watch The Croods trailer here:

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