Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moving? Find Your Perfect New Home at Apartments.Com! #PerfectFit

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It seems like everyone we know is moving right now.  Whether you are searching for a new apartment in your current town or looking to relocate to a whole different area, has you covered! Not only can you navigate online but they also have an easy to use app for iPhone, iPad and Android systems! 

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We just purchased a new home at the end of last year so we aren't in the market to move right now but my husband and I were just joking around about how sick we are of Winter here in Ohio so we went on a search for a home somewhere warm and sunny! I downloaded the free app on my iPhone and I was extremely impressed with how easy it was to use. Just for fun, we put in our own zip code first. We live in the cornfields of rural Ohio so we don't live in a big apartment community but I was still surprised to see results in our area.  Each listing provided property details including pictures, the address, how many bedrooms and even floor plans!!  You can click on amenities and it tells you things that are nearby and it also gives pertinent information on things like parking and pet policies! If you are looking for an apartment near your current location, you can also choose to search for locations "nearby" and it will find properties close to your current location. 

After we played around on that for awhile, we did some searching for apartments in South Carolina. Even though we have no plans to move there, it would sure be nice to live somewhere warm right now.  We were able to use the filter option to choose how many bedrooms and bathrooms we were looking for, what type of property we wanted and our price range! If you are moving anytime soon and are looking to rent an apartment, is definitely a great resource to use. Both the app and website were extremely easy to use and each listing gives you great information on the properties you are looking at. You can follow on Twitter @aptscom!



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