Friday, March 22, 2013

My 1st Career Gear

If I could choose one stage that I would love to keep my kids at forever, it would be the preschool age, or about 3-5. To me, this is the funnest age because you can do so much to help fuel their imaginations and dreams. Dreaming of what they are going to do someday when they are "bigger" is one of the things I most hear kids in this stage talk about. This year, Aeromax has rolled out all new gear for their My 1st Career line, making it possible for kids to wear realistic clothing in regards to the careers they most often dream about. Our younger two boys love space. Their bedroom is all space themed so I thought the Astronaut shirt would be perfect for them!

First of all, I love the sizing of these shirts. Both of the younger boys can wear the shirt comfortably because it is "one size fits most." My 3 year old is able to easily slip the shirt on and off over his clothes which is a huge perk. Second, I love how the line helps encourage imaginative play. There is nothing more exciting than watching a child's mind take them to far away places. Also available in the line is the Zookeeper, Pit Crew Person, Construction Worker and a Train Conductor! 

Aeromax has also just released black accessories to go along with their Get Real Gear Astronaut Suit! Anyone from 6 months to 60 years can adorn this realistic looking astronaut suit available in all sizes.  Pair the new black accessories with the white or orange jumpsuit for a real "out of this world" experience!

Check out AeromaxToys.Com for all of their cool gear!


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