Monday, April 22, 2013

Give Mom Something She Will Love This Year, Give Her Popcorn from G.H. Cretors!

I love Mother's Day because my husband and kids always surprise me with really fun gifts. The kids usually make me something homemade and those are my most cherished gifts but they always give me some kind of treat too. This year if you want to give Mom something she will really love, consider delicious popcorn from G.H. Cretors

This week I received a box of my own and to say it was delicious would be a total understatement. The box was packed with five different bags of popcorn including Kettlecorn, Just The Caramel Corn, Just The Cheese Corn, Caramel Nut Crunch and the Chicago Mix which is a mix of the caramel and cheese. 

Things Worth Mentioning: 

*Ingredients are all natural

*All products are Kosher

*No Gluten or GMO's 

*No artificial flavors or colors

*Made with fresh, creamery butter

*Natural Sweeteners 

This popcorn is so incredibly yummy that even my picky kids love it. Their favorite is the cheese and kettlecorn but I absolutely LOVE the Caramel Nut Crunch. Most caramel popcorn that has nuts has peanuts and not nearly enough. This popcorn is FULL of delicious cashews and roasted almonds and you get some in every handful. We live right beside our local park and tonight my nephew had a baseball game right behind our house. I gathered up some popcorn and took it over to my parents and my sister and then they shared with another Dad who was there watching the game and they could not believe how delicious this popcorn is. It is THAT good! The Chicago Mix is definitely the most unique blend I have ever seen in one bag. It's a mix of the cheddar and caramel and although I would never think to eat those flavors together, it is surprisingly good! 

Check out the GH Cretors website to order Mom some of her own. You can purchase the awesome sampler pack for less than $20!  Before you go, be sure to enter the giveaway below! 


One lucky reader is going to win the same sampler pack of popcorn that we received from G.H. Cretors!

*This is not a paid post. All opinions are my own. Review and giveaway were provided at no cost via the company and/or representing PR firm*

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