Friday, April 19, 2013

LifeProof Cell Phone Cases for the Ultimate Protection

At the beginning of the year, our cell phone plan finally expired and we had the option to upgrade. This was when my husband and I finally entered the world of smartphones. We decided if we were going to get smartphones, we might as well get good ones so we both got the iPhone 5. Shortly after our purchase, we realized just how fragile they are when our 3-year-old dropped my phone while playing a game. The side of my phone had visible damage from where it was dropped and I was so upset! That is when we decided it was time to start searching for iPhone cases and when I saw LifeProof, I knew no other brand would do! We are very busy people and we are constantly going on crazy adventures with our children and we need to know that our phones are protected no matter where we are or what we are doing. 

Let's face it. Smartphones are expensive and you want to do everything you can to protect your investment. That's why LifeProof is our top pick. I was so impressed by the testing that each and every case undergoes before they even ship out the door! You can have confidence that your device is going to be protected no matter what elements it might face. With LifeProof, your device is protected from:

Water including rain and spills 
Dirt, mud, sand, grit
Shock from accidental drops and tumbles
Snow, ice, sleet and cold temperatures 

We received the LifeProof iPhone 5 case (RV $79.99)  along with the LifeProof Armband (RV $49.99) and we were so impressed when they arrived. 

Both products came with detailed instructions on how to properly install.  I was especially appreciative of the detailed instructions on how to conduct the water test on the empty case. This gave me the reassurance that we were installing the case properly and that my husband's phone would be protected.  Surprisingly, the case was also lightweight, thin and extremely durable. I cannot tell you how many times our phones get dropped and my husband's phone looks brand new.  Recently we were outside doing some yard work when it started to pour down rain. We ran inside to wait for it to pass and after about 15 minutes, my husband realized his phone was sitting on top of the grill. We were so thankful for the LifeProof case! His phone was not hurt at all which was a huge shock considering how hard it had been raining. We also had a mishap awhile back while sledding. My husband went down a hill and somehow his phone slipped out of his jacket. It took us about 30 minutes to find it and when we did, it was sticking out of a wet pile of slushy, muddy snow! I thought for sure that after all of that, his phone would be ruined but it was perfect! 

LifeProof has recently announced the new optional Total Water Protection Program which is the first accidental water protection of its kind! The protection offers a one-time repair or replacement of the device for up to one full year if it sustains accidental water damage in a LifeProof case. LifeProof cases are water proof down to 6.6 feet and this gives users peace of mind knowing if the unlikely happens, you will be covered! 

You can purchase your own LifeProof case online or you can find them at retailers like Best Buy and Wal-mart! Mother's Day and Father's Day are right around the corner and I cannot think of a better gift than an awesome iPhone, iPod or iPad case from LifeProof!


One lucky winner is going to receive their choice of iPhone 4/4s or iPhone 5 LifeProof Case! 

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*Product was sent to us free of charge to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are my own.*


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