Sunday, April 28, 2013

QuickStep Laminate Flooring

When we started looking for a new home last year, we went through many different types of homes. We weren't sure exactly what we were looking for as far as flooring was concerned but we were really surprised how many homes we found with laminate flooring! I never thought I would like the look of laminate flooring but some of the homes we looked at had beautiful laminate flooring that we loved!

Quickstep laminate flooring gives floors a hardwood look that cannot be beat. In addition to looking stunning in any room of the house, Quickstep laminate flooring has many benefits.  Quickstep floor tiles are easy to install too so gone are the days of glue messes and difficult installation.  Quickstep laminate flooring uses a revolutionary locking system where the tiles click together.  This eliminates mess, guards against warping, and keeps tiles at the same height.  This system also makes them perfect for installation on top of nearly any type of sub-flooring.  Quickstep laminate flooring comes in a wide range of styles and colors that are textured to give the look of hardwood.  Finishes come in a variety of looks such as high gloss, textured, natural and more.  The square edges give a seamless look to the floor and the micro-beveled edges on some styles match the surface decor. Quickstep laminate floors are also easy to clean.  Spills can be wiped right up and dirt and dust are easily mopped up or swept away. Excellent for any room in a home, Quickstep laminate flooring holds up to general traffic in your home.  Some styles are better suited for commercial use and hold up to a standard amount of foot traffic. Anyone in the market for hardwood floors should definitely check out Quickstep laminate flooring! The quality and price can't be beat. 

We really hate our flooring in our kitchen and I am seriously starting to consider this flooring. We have around 360 square feet in our kitchen and right now we have a white ceramic tile. You can imagine with four children what type of upkeep they require. I spend the majority of my day sweeping or washing the floors so I would love to update them soon. 

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