Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top 5 Mammoth Mom Myths Revealed (Plus a Giveaway!)

Mother's Day is right around the corner and if you are like me, you have probably been on the lookout for a special gift for the Mom in your life. I have had my fair share of "bad gifts" over the years and could probably tell you some super funny stories like when my husband decided to buy me lingerie that was WAY bigger than any size I have ever even been close to wearing! If you have a story of your own to share, you can win a not-so-tasteless gift pack in the Mother's Day Sweepstakes on the SeabuckWonders Facebook page

You might just get a laugh out of this list from SeabuckWonders as well! If you are a man, you might want to read it twice and if you are a Mom, you might want to print it off and tape it to the fridge! 

Top 5 Mammoth Mom Myths Revealed

  1. Moms LOVE to spend their free time cleaning! A new mop, dish scrubber or toilet brush will make her feel more loved and needed and oh-so-special.
  1. What all mothers REALLY want is to cater to their families 24/7, so give her that honor by wrapping up a brand new serving tray set complete with pre-made hors d'oeuvres to feed everyone in the family (make sure it’s got lots of Dad’s favorite snacks—Mom LOVES to please her man)!
  1. Two words: Mom Jeans! That’s right—the kind that really emphasize the backside with HUGE pockets! Moms LOVE to look like theirown mothers and can’t wait to ‘fill their mothers’ jeans.’ Make sure you sneak in her closet and find her pants size, and then go up a size or two to give her plenty of growing room—you know, the way she would always buy your shoes a little bigger.  She’ll appreciate how thoughtful you were to actually investigate her current size and to anticipate her growing assets to boot!
  1. Nothing shows how much you care like a brand new shiny cemetery plot! Wrap up her final resting place with a bright pink bow! Then surprise her with a Sunday drive and tell her you’re taking her to her brand new home! When she sees that plot of land that you painstakingly picked out just for her, she’ll cry real tears of joy. It’ll also fill her heart with pride that you’ve become such an excellent planner and that you’ve taken care of all the details so she can move onto the next life without a hitch!
And the number one mammoth mom myth to avoid…
  1. “Surprise, Mom! We’re moving back in!” What would make a mother happier than to have ALL of her grown children move back home? And of course, you’ve got a spouse and kids of your own now—with ALL of her kids and grandkids back under her roof, a minute won’t go by without her getting to be a mother! She can re-mother you, mother-in-law your spouse, grand-mother your kids, and EVEN dog-mother your pets! WOW! This Mother’s Day will be epic!

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*This is not a paid post. All opinions are my own. Gift pack and review products were provided by the company and/or representing PR firm at no cost*


  1. The worst was probably a banana hanger

  2. Worst - I haven't gotten too many bad ones, but a mens coat had to be up there.

  3. The worst for me was knick knacks when my kids were small, they would pick them out & I would display the ... I don't like dust collectors!

  4. My great aunt was a garage sale junkie and she would get the strangest things! I got a pretty much empty bottle of perfume from her one year for Christmas!

  5. Once got a bath and body gift card and it only had like.56 cents on it lol. not sure what happened there but I didnt say anything to the person who gave it to me

  6. My Grandma is the queen of thrift stores and she bought me this sweater that was all the colors of the rainbow and textured with pop poms and other do-dad thingies. I was 16 and this sweater was not in style lol. She thought it was the best gift ever.... I smiled and said thank you and never wore it again after I tried it on for her to show how well it fit.

  7. underwear 3 sizes too small and a very ugly sweater!

  8. The worst gift would be a gift card to a restaurant that I do not like at all.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  9. I got an ugly reed & barton bowl - I saw an old listing on ebay for it, no buyers for this one.

    mmayerfeld at gmail

  10. The worst was from my husband for our 1st Chrismas as a married couple - I was expecting a pair of leather boots and received a wooden cutting board - (not too romantic!)

  11. the stickiest and ugliest flowers ever were the worst

  12. worst- weight loss program


  13. A few years ago my little guy gave me art as a gift He made it all by himself..... ON MY LIVING ROOM WALL

    lol he was so proud of it I couldn't even be mad :)


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