Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finding the Right Film For Both Mother and Children This Summer

No matter what age you are, deciding on the right film is never simple or easy. Fortunately, as the parent, you often have the last and final word. With this in mind, the new Epic trailer is showing promise as potentially being the one film which is due out this year that is genuinely suitable for everyone; the perfect chance to offer something the entire family can agree upon and enjoy.

A first look

A trailer is only a quick look, of course, but if it’s anything to go by, Epic has a lot to offer. At its core, it’s a story between good and evil, something that children of all ages can understand and get behind. Yet it’s also set in an incredible setting, where the idea of scale is turned on its head in a world full of tiny magical creatures. 

It’s a unique gimmick that gives Epic plenty of appeal. Everything looks fantastic, and there is plenty of depth and design that has gone into making the film. It’s bright, vibrant and sure to appeal to younger audiences. Yet this is still a family film at its heart. Produced by the makers of Ice Age, it doesn't look like Epic is purely aesthetically appealing either; there seems to be plenty of action and well thought-out drama too. This is important, because it’s all too easy to get bored at the cinema when watching a film primarily aimed at younger children. If you're a parent, you want something that’s going to keep you watching too. 

Fortunately, Epic has plenty to offer. The trailer only teases so much, with acting talent such as Colin Farrell and Amanda Seyfried providing vocals. The trailer also shows action, tension and various comedic elements. In short, it hits a variety of factors that make it one of the best options for the family this summer. A lot of work has clearly gone into this family-friendly film to ensure there's a little something for everyone when it hits cinemas in May.

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