Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Grow Project from Miracle-Gro #MiracleGroProject

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This is my absolute favorite time of year because it's finally time to put in our garden.  There is nothing more satisfying than walking out my back door and being able to pick fresh fruit and vegetables for my family to enjoy. Our entire family loves to garden so it's a great way to spend time together as a family.  I would be lying if I said I were a gardening expert. Truth is, we only just started gardening last year so we still have a lot to learn. If you are like me, you probably feel overwhelmed and aren't quite sure where to start. We learned a lot of lessons last year with our first garden but we still have a LOT to learn and this year I am excited to dive in and get started. Let me introduce you to The Gro Project from Miracle-Gro!

The bottom line is this. Gardening doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't even have to be a chore. You can find fun garden projects that your entire family will love and enjoy.  I found the instructions for a Toyrarium on The Gro Project page and I was so excited! My kids will love this simple gardening project. 

What You Need
*Fishbowl or other glass container
*Your favorite succulents and cactus
*Plastic toys from your kids room

Step 1: Cover the bottom of the container witha  layer of rocks
Step 2: Fill it up about 1/3 full with potting mix. 
Step 3: Use the spoon to plant succulents in the potting mix, adding more mix to create your landscape.
Step 4: Set the scene with your toys. Be careful not to overwater. Use a spritzer to moisten only when it gets really dry.
Step 5. Add a little imagination and watch it come to life!

Check out the Miracle-Gro Pinterest page for more ideas at! They have awesome tips and tricks to help you create the perfect project this Summer.
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