Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What To Do When You Have Plumbing Problems

When we rented before buying a home, we didn't really give too much thought to plumbing issues. After all, when things went wrong, we just had to call our landlord and they would come fix everything. After becoming homeowners, all of that changed. We are a lot more cautious of plumbing issues and we strive to keep everything updated and serviced so nothing major break unexpectedly. We only lived in our new home for two weeks before we had to call a plumber for the first time. Our sewage was backing up into the basement and we had a mess! We ended up calling a local plumber who came out and eventually told us that the line between our house and the street was clogged somewhere. They ran a snake through it and we were good to go again. That was quite a hefty bill so you can imagine how frustrated I was when it happened yet again the day we got home from vacation just a few weeks later. We apparently have an older sewer line and we either have a cracked tile somewhere in the line or we have tree roots that are getting through the tiles. Regardless, we need a new line put in which is going to cost us between $3,000-5000. Yikes! We will probably end up having to have that done before the end of the year which does NOT make me happy. The good news is, once that line goes in, we won't have to worry about tree roots anymore which is a good thing considering we have 5 enormous trees in our yard! If you run into plumbing issues in your own home, here are some things to keep in mind! 

*If you live in the United States, check with your local gas company. A lot of them now offer insurance for things inside your home. We were able to get insurance on our sewer line, water line and on our furnace through our gas company. If our line ever becomes backed up again, we can call them and they will come clean it out for just a $20 copay! 

*Canadian residents can call on a plumber Calgary or Calgary furnace cleaning for issues with plumbing and heating.  

*If you suspect a clog, you can try a local hardware store where most of them rent out the machines used to clean the lines. We did this but the line was just a little too short so we ended up having to call a plumber anyway.

*Remember to be very careful what you are flushing down your toilet! We have a strict rule here at our house now. Toilet Paper only! We don't even let the kids flush those "flushable" wipes. It's just too much of a risk!

Hopefully are plumbing issues are behind us and we won't have any more issues but if we do, I am really thankful we now have the insurance to cover it! 


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  7. The street was clogged somewhere. They ran a snake through it and we were good to go again.

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