Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fitted Bedrooms: How to Make them Work

We recently purchased a new home that finally gave our children their own bedrooms, the only problem was that the rooms aren't as big as what the kids are used to. If you have ever been in the same boat, you will know exactly what I am talking about. With a fitted room, however, you can maximize the space that you have and you can create the perfect space. I will admit it. Fitted bedrooms are a new concept for me. I had never heard of them until I came across Homfields Bedrooms' and I have been racking my brain ever since to try and come up with similar ideas for my kids bedrooms.

In case you don't know what a fitted bedroom is, it's a bedroom that integrates drawers, shelves, etc. into the design of the room. Often times, these things will be hidden above or around the bed, into the walls, etc. It's a great way to remove clutter and give the room a crisp, clean, overall look. We actually already did a few of these things in our younger boys room by putting storage drawers under the bed. The next project we want to tackle is in the closet. Right now their closet just has one bar that clothes can hang from but I saw some sample closets where you can put SO many different things in the closet like an additional bar, lower to the ground for shorter garments and shelves for footwear. You can even add drawers for smaller items like under garments, belts, etc. Our kids play sports and it would be great to have a space just to keep their uniforms and stuff. 

Another way people can maximize space in a fitted room is with a Murphy bed! During the night the bed can be lowered and then during the day, it can be folded into a part of the wall. There are so many options for people who want to maximize space and a fitted bedroom is a great choice. If you don't know where to begin, you can even hire someone to come in and help you design the perfect room. Space is valuable so don't waste it. Check out your options and see what a fitted room can do for you!


  1. I really didn't know what a fitted bedroom was before reading the post...well, I know I had seen bedrooms like this before, but never knew what they were called. I really like the concept though, since the bedrooms we have (no attic, saltbox home with sloped roof) have a sloped ceiling so space is at a premium...

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