Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Guest post: Choosing a Building Company For Your New Home

Once you have decided that you want to build your new home, then begins the process of hiring a reputable builder to construct your new home to your style specifications and most importantly, your budget.

When choosing the building company for your home, don’t choose a builder that only builds to the minimum standard required by the BCA (Building Code of Australia). Obviously, the closer to a budget price you get, the closer you will get to a builder who only builds to the minimum standard.

Look into the builder’s reputation. Speak to your friends, family and colleagues and ask about their experiences with builders and get some reputable names. Once you start contacting builders, ask them for a few projects that they have recently completed, they should have a good, recent and comprehensive list of clients that they can refer to. If possible, ask to have a look at a house they have recently completed or is nearly complete. This way you can have a real idea of the quality of their work.

When you are talking to your builder, gauge how well you are able to communicate with them. It is important for you to have a good relationship and good communication with your builder so you feel confident that you can contact them with questions or concerns about the building process. The building company you choose should be willing to take your design ideas into consideration. Take note of the way they answer your questions and if they seem to understand what it is that you want. What is the build time? Will they be able to pull of the design that you have in mind? Are they welcoming of your ideas? Discuss costs with your builder so you know what to expect money-wise and if it fits into your budget.When assessing the value for money aspect of building your new home, take the following things into careful consideration; the size of the home, the specification and inclusions, the quality of construction, reputation and service.You should know what all the inclusions are in the cost of building your new home so you don’t get any surprises later and should know whether they have a good reputation or not, if there is no proof of this, stay away! If the building company you have in mind is taking consideration of all of the things listed, you’re in good hands. Building companies like Today’s Homes, take care to listen to their customers, providing a pleasant building experience, avoiding problems later.

Most importantly, your builder must be licensed andqualified  to build your home and they must also carry the insurance needed for the job. The Master Builders Associationcan help you with any concerns regarding your potential builder as they should be listed with the organization.


  1. Thanks for this valuable post for the guests, it will help a lot to choose a builder for our home.

  2. Great design! I suggest if considering purchasing a new home check out the contractor and view some the homes built from the same individual to see the quality that was put into those homes before final decision.

  3. This matter really needs the attention to work because it will show its effects later either which type of builder you chose.


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