Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make Every Night Movie Night with a Home Cinema

We have a great basement in our home that has been partially finished. We have been talking about finishing it up because it's a great space that is pretty much getting wasted. Right now, we have our laundry room down there and the rest of the space we are just using for storage. To me, this just seems like a real waste. It is my dream to have a large space for our family to enjoy, especially as our children get older. When they have friends over they either hang out in their bedrooms or in the living room which gets pretty crowded. It would be great to make a space where we can go play games and just hang out without being right on top of each other. Our family loves watching movies so we have been talking about the possibility of turning part of the basement into a home cinema! 

Home cinema's are growing in popularity and you can find them in many homes today. There are a lot of things you need to consider before you start, however. 

*Map out the space where you want your theatre. If you aren't a contractor, you might want to think about hiring someone to help you with the design. I was recently in a friends home theater and they had it set up so if someone left the room, it wasn't a distraction to the movie and this was great! 

*If wiring is not something you are familiar with, you will definitely want to consult with a professional for this phase. If you look around and do your homework, you will be able to find a company like Gecko home cinema installation which specializes in this type of work. 

*Create a space that is spacious and comfortable. Choose furniture that you will not mind sitting in for at least a couple of hours. I think reclining chairs are a must have! 

*Do your homework on the equipment before you purchase it. This will probably be the bulk of your expense and you don't want to waste money on low quality sound or projection equipment. Read the reviews and consult the professionals if you must but don't just buy the first thing you see. 

Hopefully some day we will be able to get something like this done. Every time our family goes to the real movie theater, it costs us between $75-$100 for the six of us so really, it would pay for itself after awhile!!!! 

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