Thursday, June 13, 2013

Potty Train with Super Undies

 *Super Undies provided us with the sample used to facilitate this review*

One of the times that I most looked forward to with each of my children was the day they would be potty trained. Our first three children were all born pretty close together so we had kids in diaper for a good 4-5 years straight. I learned a lot of things potty training each of our four children but what I learned the most is that disposable pull up type training pants were a big waste of time for us. They were entirely too much like diapers and our kids just did not train well with them. Not to mention I was paying an arm and a leg for them and they weren't helping us any. So with each of our children, we skipped straight to underwear and while that was definitely the most effective for us because it allowed our children to feel when they were wet, there were also times when I was cleaning up messes because potty accidents in underwear are just not the same as with diapers. What we needed was a cloth alternative that was going to keep the accidents inside but with the look and feel of underwear. Our cloth diapers were great but they were just much to hard for our kids to get on and off by themselves. That is why I was so excited when I found Super Undies!

Super Undies are an awesome, eco-friendy alternative to disposable training pants. They are completely waterproof through the "wet zone" but made with stretchy sides for easy on and off. Designed with a pass through pocket that runs from the front to the back allows you to customize absorption. You can use the Step Up Inserts to boost absorption as needed, like on the go and at bedtime. These make the child FEEL wet when they have an accident, making them the perfect choice for potty training. Super Undies are most like real underwear making them an easy transition from cloth diapers into potty training. They come both in both a pull on and a snap on version and the colors are endless! We received a pair of the pull on potty training pants to try out. 

Our toddler did great with potty training but he still has occasional accidents during the day when he is busy playing and he has had accidents at night. He is a deep sleeper and if we allow him to drink after a certain time, I can almost guarantee he will wake up wet. Now I don't have to worry if he has an accident at night. The blankets and his clothes stay dry which saves me a ton of work. We are so impressed with Super Undies, I only wish we had them around when we were potty training our other three kids, it would have made life so much easier. Best of all, our toddler loves them too. We are using them at night and he immediately runs to his drawer every night before bed to get his Super Undies on! One night they were in the wash and I thought we were going to have a meltdown because he didn't have them to wear to bed. We are definitely going to need to invest in a couple more pairs! 

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  1. We've been trying to potty train ever since our dd turned 2 in October....she goes potty on the pot every once in awhile, but never on her own.


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