Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Advantages of Adjustable, Portable Tables

We are getting ready to kick off a new makeover feature and I could not be more thrilled. We have about half of the house done but we still have a lot of work to do including a complete makeover in our den, a kitchen remodel and a bathroom reconstruction.  The den will be the first room that we tackle and we plan on giving it a complete overhaul including new carpet, paint, lighting, furniture and decor. Right now we have a big, over-sized oak desk that tends to collect clutter and we would love to replace that with a simple desk or maybe even a table. We have also been playing with the idea of purchasing a couple of adjustable tables to use throughout the house for laptops and such so there isn't so much traffic in the den all of the time. 

Tables that are ergonomic are so much more practical than stationary tables. All healthy or health-challenged people of any age can make use of portable tables of adjustable heights. For high, low or in-between heights, adjustable tables that are easy to move about are useful for work, eating, and hobbies. The adjustable tables are like a movable desk that can be lowered for sitting and lying in bed. The tables are also easily raised for standing. Meals on various chairs and beds are easily eaten using these portable tabletops. When it comes to work, the tables are perfect for working on laptop or other electronic devices as well as reading and talking to clients with data and files open on the screen. The tables are great for hobbies from puzzles to games to handmade craft projects. Projects can remain on the tables when the gamers and hobbyists cannot complete the projects all in one sitting. Some people who like to keep in motion can raise the tables to use as desks in front of treadmills. Exercisers can put a laptop on the table and work or play while they walk. Many people find movement makes them more productive and adjustable tables provide space for their work. These tabletops are surfaces for a variety of tasks. Furniture that is ergonomic helps people be productive at home and at work. Click here to see more adjustable tables.

We have an 8 year old who loves to do puzzles and he is always trying to put them together in the den. Hopefully getting him something like this will help eliminate the clutter in this room and he will find it more enjoyable because he can sit and do his puzzles comfortably instead of bent over the floor or our current desk.  I'm also hoping it helps us make better use of the room in the den by freeing up some floor space that is currently being taken up by our huge desk. 

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