Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Benefits of Artificial Grass

There is nothing I love more than a fresh, neat lawn but often times the maintenance you have to do to keep them looking beautiful is just too time consuming. My husband works 12 hour shifts in a factory and with four children, I am super busy as well so keeping our lawn looking great is a lot of work.  We were recently checking out a friends yard and commenting how fabulous it looks all of the time and we were shocked when they divulged to us that their lawn was actually artificial grass. I came straight home to Google it because I could not hardly believe it and I was shocked to see how common artificial grass is becoming in yards today. I found a wealth of information from on the benefits of artificial grass and why it's a great choice. 

*Low Maintenance: Keeping a lawn cut and beautiful takes a lot of work. We are constantly weeding, mowing, and fertilizing our grass which takes hours of time each week.  With artificial grass, you get the beauty of real grass without all of the work.

Versatile: Artificial grass looks fabulous regardless of what kind of weather elements your home might face. Our area is known for heavy rain in the Spring and drought conditions during the Summer and it's nearly impossible to find a balance to keep our yard looking great. Artificial grass looks great year round.

Durable: Artificial turf is nearly impossible to wear down. It was designed to withstand heavy traffic so it's a great choice for sports fields, playgrounds, etc. There are areas in our yard that are visibly high traffic because you can see where the grass has worn down. We would not have this issue with artificial grass. If you plan to use in areas that have a lot of children, however, you will want to make sure you choose a non-toxic product that is safe for children and pets. 

Earth Friendly: Imagine the water you could save by not having to water your lawn on a regular basis. You are also saving the environment from toxic fertilizers that most homeowners use in their yards today. You will also cut back on harmful emissions into the atmosphere that a lot of lawn equipment puts out. 

Beauty: A high quality artificial grass will keep your yard looking beautiful year round.  You won't have to worry about it turning brown from lack of rain or getting too high when you are short on time and don't have time to cut the grass. 


  1. Artificial grass really is amazing and is being used much more now. It is a much easier alternative than real grass because you don't need to mow or water is so it saves both time and money.

  2. Instead of fresh, neat and clean grass lawn; now days we people are used to grow artificial lawns in front of our house. But it also needs special attention and requires proper care; but the important fact is that we can get several kinds of beneficial after installing artificial grass such as mention in the above article low maintenance, durable, earth friendly, versatile and beauty. Thanks for providing such essential tips.
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