Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guest Post: Choosing New Carpet

If you have been reading any of our posts lately, you will see that we have kind of been hinting about a makeover project we have coming up. Since we bought this house back in the Fall, we have been wanting to give our den a makeover but we just haven't had the time. With Summer already slowing down and soon coming to an end, we felt that this would be the perfect time to get it done. The room is pretty small so it's not going to be too expensive to makeover and the most costly thing is going to be new carpet. It currently has the ugliest maroon colored carpet I have ever seen and I cannot wait to get it ripped up and replaced with a neutral color. My husband and I literally spent hours looking at carpet yesterday and we brought home several samples to check out after we get the walls painted. It's been a long process but it will be so worth it in the end when we are all finished! If you are considering new flooring in your home, consider these tips from Welwyn Carpet Mills

*Is it durable? Consider the area where you are going to put new carpet. Is it a high traffic area? If so, you will want to make sure you get a more durable carpet. You will want to look at both the thickness of the carpet and the materials from which the carpet is made to determine which type is best for your needs. You can choose from a variety of materials including wool, nylon, and polyester just to name a few.  

*Is it stain resistant? We have four children so we need to find a carpet that offers some protection for stains. We were so impressed with some of the products we looked at in our search for carpet in regards to stains. We ultimately want to choose carpet that offers the beading technology so when something gets spilled on the carpet, it beads up onto the top of the carpet instead of soaking in. 

*Are there any hidden costs? Most people who are going to install new flooring are on some sort of a budget. When we went shopping for carpet yesterday, we told the guy what our budget was for our very small den. He was able to point us to several very nice carpet choices and quoted us a price that included EVERYTHING including materials, labor, etc. so there would be no surprise costs when we are ready to install! 

*How does the carpet feel? The first thing we did with our carpet samples from yesterday was lay them on the floor so our family could walk on them and get a feel for the carpet. When you have kids who play on the floor a lot, you don't want a rough, scratchy carpet. We are looking for a soft, cozy carpet that our entire family will love and enjoy.

*Consider the color carefully. I went into the carpet place and told the guy I needed carpet to match gray walls. He immediately stopped me and said I should never choose carpet to match walls rather it should be the other way around because what happens in a few years when I want to change the paint color on the walls? Will I have to change the carpet as well? Its a lot more expensive to change carpet than paint on the walls. If you frequently like to change your decor, consider a neutral color that will go with pretty much anything. 

I am so excited to get this room makeover done and share our before and after's with you! Come back next month and we should have the project complete and we can offer more tips and tricks to help you tackle your own project!

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