Monday, July 8, 2013

Combi Twin Cosmo Double Stroller Review

Product was provided to us by Combi to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own*

A good quality stroller is a must have when you are on the go with babies and toddlers.  If you have two little one's, you have probably been on the lookout for an amazing double stroller so I am excited to introduce the Twin Cosmo from Combi to you today! With four children, I have had my fair share of double strollers. My complaints for each stroller are usually the same. They are too heavy, too bulky and take up too much space.  I never have too high of expectations that this is going to be different with any double stroller because let's be honest. A stroller that is used to tote two children around can't be lightweight and compact can it?! It can!

I was incredibly impressed from the moment the Twin Cosmo arrived on our doorstep. When I opened the box, I was shocked that it was already nearly assembled. After popping the wheels and a couple of accessories on, we were ready to go. This alone made me fall in love. I have spent countless hours assembling strollers and this was a huge perk for me. My husband works a lot and I am not very mechanically inclined so I have to do most of this stuff on my own so the easier, the better!

Combi Twin Cosmo straight out of the box

I was instantly impressed with how easy the Twin Cosmo was to maneuver around with two children. The lockable, front swivel wheels and larger rear wheels allow for smooth rides and excellent maneuverability. I also love that it's a side by side so Aiden and Olivia can play together while we are on the move yet it's not too wide that it's a hassle. It features deluxe padded seats that offer a multi-position recline with lay-flat positions and infant safety boots. Thanks to the adjustable three-or-five point harnesses, the Twin Cosmo will grow with your children. Each seat can hold a child up to 45 pounds so this is the perfect choice for us.

One of our favorite features is the removable, padded guardrail that contains cup holders and snack trays. I am also a huge fan of the extra-large basket and parent cup holder. The stroller also features extended canopies to protect your children from environmental elements such as rain, sun and wind and they contain useful storage pockets as well! I love that they have separate canopies too because Olivia usually likes to have hers all the way down but Aiden likes his up so he can see more around us when we are on walks. 

If all of that isn't enough to prove how awesome this double stroller really is, let me show you the best part. We have a lot of baby and kids gear around the house already so I can't have stuff that is going to take up a lot of room when it comes time for storage. Most of my double strollers have been such a pain because they have taken up so much room when not in use. This is where the Twin Cosmo stands out above the rest. It folds inward and stands on its own. It also has a carry strap so when you are on the go, you can still have your hands free! Amazing!

The Twin Cosmo is compatible with one Combi Shuttle Infant Car Seat. 
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  1. that would have been great when my kids were little.

  2. This is awesome. My sister in law just had twins and this would be perfect for her. That fold is amazing!

  3. With the other combi double strollers, a chicco car seat fits snugly (though not with a click) in. Any idea if this one will do the same?


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