Monday, July 8, 2013

Creating a Stylish and Functional Bathroom

Doing a home remodel is a lot of work. Once you get started, it feels as if it might never end because it's kind of addicting. Once you get one project complete, you are ready to tackle the next. We are almost ready to do the room makeover in our den and my husband is already talking about our next project which is the master bathroom. I'm not sure why the builders built the bathroom the way that they did but their is an entry door into the kitchen which to me is a big no-no. We plan to close that doorway off and put another door entering the master bedroom and then we want to give the bathroom a complete overhaul as it is really outdated. There are many different types of bathrooms as explained by BPM Bathrooms so we are now exploring some ideas on what we want in our revamped bathroom! 

*Consider what types of material you are going to use in your bathroom. You want to choose materials that are durable and can handle a lot of wear and tear as the bathroom is one of the most often visited rooms in a home.

*Ensure you are not making the bathroom too crowded. If you don't have a lot of space, you are probably not going to want to put in a huge garden tub. Our bathroom is pretty small so a stand up corner shower will have to suffice for bathing. 

*If you are redoing a guest bathroom, make it warm and inviting. This will be your guests' home away from home while they are visiting your home and you will want to make sure they feel comfortable. Stock it with toiletries just in case they forget any necessities. 

*Remember that master bathrooms are generally designed to accommodate two people at the same time. His and hers sinks are a great idea if you have the room and placing the toilet behind a half wall adds privacy to the room. 

*Accent tiles add a great element of design to a bathroom. You can use it on the floors, in the shower and even above the sink. Think of accent tile as you would jewelry. It adds an extra special punch that you will appreciate for years to come. 

*Consider the material that your fixtures are made out of. Brass is more expensive but will last the longest. Zinc is a great choice but may corrode as the outer materials wear down. Plastic is very inexpensive but less durable. 

You most likely visit your bathroom several times a day so create a space that is comfortable and functional. This is also the room that guests most likely will utilize the most so keep that in mind while you are designing and decorating your bathroom. 

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