Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finding the Right Kind of Sink For Your Bathroom

You can do a total overhaul of a room in your home by simply updating a few things. Bathrooms are a great example of this. Updating faucets and fixtures can make a huge difference and adding a little change to your decor can give your bathroom a whole new look. Most often you can find a one stop shop like Duftons Plumbing Supplies Brighouse that can supply you a variety of different products to help give your bathroom a much needed makeover.  Right now we are focusing our research on different types of sinks for our master bath.

Wall Mounted: These sinks are exactly what they sound like. They are mounted to the wall and are perfect for bathrooms that don't have a lot of space. These are great because you can utilize the space under them by putting in a cabinet, trash can, etc. You can also purchase decorative covers to hide the plumbing to make it look neat and tidy. This is a pretty inexpensive choice and very common in rental homes and apartments. 

Pedestal: If you are looking for a more Colonial look, a pedestal sink is mounted on the wall and rests on a pedestal. This is another great option if you are short on space but you will not be able to utilize the space underneath it like you could a traditional wall mounted sink. Pedestal sinks can give an elegant look to any bathroom and it's nice that the plumbing is concealed within the pedestal part. 

Drop Sink: This type of sink is securely placed into a cutout in the top of a cabinet.  This is a very common and inexpensive type of sink. 

Vessel Sink: This is a very unique style vanity that is becoming more popular in today's homes. These types of sinks can almost be looked at as a form of art. It features a sink that sits on top of a countertop that is attached to some kind of vanity.  Many of the sinks are a porcelain bowl or blown glass. 

Whatever kind of sink you choose, remember that this can be a pretty pricey investment so choose something you are going to love and want to keep for a long time. We have looked at sinks from $50-$5,000 so consider your space, budget and style when looking for a new bathroom sink. 


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