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Guest Post: A Minimalist Guide to Furniture, Clutter and Cleaning

To me, dressing up your home can be a bit like painting a picture, it is brilliant fun and I love getting creative and finding new ways to make my home look more unique and cozy. But it can be hard to know when that picture is actually finished. Keep painting and before you know it, you can ruin your masterpiece!
This is exactly why I follow a minimalist philosophy. I love to make my home the best it can be, but without overdoing it.

Why Minimalism
Living a minimalist life is a great way to make the most of the space you have. Having less furniture makes your home feel bigger and more airy. It also saves money and allows you to invest in a few really nice things rather than a lot of ok ones.

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As an added bonus, you can make your life easier by de-cluttering. Cleaning and keeping your house tidy becomes a doddle and having fewer possessions even lowers your stress levels. So what have you got to lose?

How To Get Started
The first step is simply to de-clutter; consider this the spring clean of a life-time. An easy place to start is with clothes. You can also get a lot done in the kitchen or in any ‘junk’ cupboards you happen to have.
For every category of item, make three piles:
·         Things to keep
·         Things to bin
·         Charity shop
Keep the ‘things to keep’ pile as small as possible, be ruthless and only keep things that you use regularly, or things that are valuable or sentimental. If you really want to, consider boxing some items up and storing them in the attic.
Keep your bin pile as small as possible and give away as much as you can. When my wife and I did this we filled an entire room with things to go to charity. We even gave away a lot of furniture!
Finally, ring a few local charities and see if any of them will collect. If you have enough stuff for them, they will probably be willing, and that will save you several trips to the tip.

Furniture Removal
Once you have thoroughly de-cluttered you can start to consolidate all the stuff you are keeping. You will almost certainly find that a few cupboards are bare and a few sets of drawers are empty. Move everything into inbuilt storage and then into your favourite furniture items.
Try to make items of furniture redundant:
·         Chests of drawers
·         Display cabinets
·         Dressers
·         Spare chairs
·         The old sofa

Any items that are in good condition can be sold to raise money for nice new, functional items. You can save a lot of space by buying functional furniture:

·         Sofa bed: replace your spare bed and create a reading room
·         Sofa with storage: for any stuff that used to go in the TV cabinet
·         Wall mounted TV stand: replace the TV cabinet all together
·         Extendable dining room table: in case you like to entertain
·         Corner sofa: get more seating spaces with less bulk
·         Beanbags: look fab in your lounge and take up little space

Decorating & Accessories

Once you have downsized all of your furniture and gotten rid of all of your clutter (and probably given the house a pretty thorough clean at the same time) you can start thinking about how you want to decorate your new, minimalist home.

You don’t have to re-paint or anything major, but now might be a good time to reassess which ornaments you really need on display. You can also have a think about how you will arrange your new furniture for the best impact. Here are some ideas:

·         Hang up photos

Invest in some nice frames and avoid photo stands on tables and shelves
·         Get a big mirror

A well placed mirror brings light into a room and makes it feel much bigger
·         Colour blending

Buy furniture to match the colour of the walls & make a room feel bigger
·         Curtains & light

Ensure curtains can go all the way back so that they don’t block windows
·         Avoid dead space

When arranging your furniture, avoid making any pockets of space unusable

About The Author

Thanks for reading my post. My name is Loren, I write for SofaSofa; I am a minimalist and love finding new ways to make the most of my own living space.

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