Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hairstyles For Back to School: The Braided Bun

School starts in just over a month for our kids and this year our daughter will be going into Intermediate School. We have already been shopping for some great back to school fashion but to go along with that, we have been working on some cute new hairstyles that we can do every morning that are cute but that won't take a ton of time. This week we tried out the braided bun. It is SUPER cute and it takes under 20 minutes (if you are decent at braids, otherwise it might take you longer) so we thought we would share it  with you all!

Step 1: Pull all of the hair up into a ponytail

Step 2: Make small braids out of the hair in the ponytail. How thick your hair is depends on how many braids you will have. 

Step 3: After all of the ponytail is in braids, gather them together and twist them a few times.

Step 4: Wrap the braids around the original ponytail all at once and then secure with another ponytail holder.

Step 5: Use bobby pins to secure loose ends or you can also use cute little clips.

So easy and so adorable! Emma added a cute little headband in the front and we were ready to rock. A cute hairstyle that is going to keep the hair off her face and neck for those first few hot weeks of school and one that doesn't take all day to accomplish. 


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