Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Make Learning History Exciting with the History Hero App!

It's super important for me to know that my children know a lot about our history.  It seems to me that kids just don't know about so many important things that have happened in our world that has brought us to where we are today. If you have ever taken your kids to a museum or historical landmark, you already know that it's hard to keep them engaged and entertained unless they are really into history. What we need is something that will get kids excited to learn about history and where we came from. That is where the new app, History Hero comes in! 

History Hero, made by Mind Gamez, is an interactive app that makes exploring history a game while children tour top historical sites in the world. Within the app, families take on interactive missions from the International Committee on Extraterrestrial Threats (Ice-T) to save the world. This exciting technology will get your kids pumped up as they ensue the battle between the History Heroes and evil Erasers. The Erasers are evil aliens who know we are a weaker planet without a collective history that binds us together. Their mission is to destroy all evidence of history so they can take over the planet. It's up to our kids to protect our history by joining up with the History Hero team and recording data about key artifacts on a "secure hard drive" as they visit museums and other historical sites. 

The History Hero app was designed for three different age groups. Ages 4-7 (with an adult companion), 8-12 and 13 and older. The missions for older players have more artifacts to rescue and offer more educational content about each artifact.  After taking the History Hero oath, recruits are sent on a mission to find and save the location's top artifacts from the Erasers. Upon finding the artifact, recruits are asked multiple choice questions about the artifact and encouraged to take a photo to preserve the artifact for history. Once the artifact is documented, History Hero provides the recruit with an age-appropriate description of the artifact and the chance to answer a bonus question based on this data. The more they learn about Earth's history, the more points that are earned. Upon successful completion of the mission, recruits receive the Medal of Honor. 

The History Hero app itself is a free download. Just search History Hero in the app store to find it. It takes just a few seconds to download and you will be ready to go. 

Each mission is available as an in-app download for just $4.99. You just find your location, choose your historical place and purchase the app. You can then start the mission from there. While there are only select locations available right now, the app plans to add additional destinations throughout the Summer. 

Take a look at this video to see exactly how this app works!

This is an amazing app that can take teaching your children about history to a whole new level. As a mother, I love and appreciate products that help make learning fun and when you spend money to get into some of these places, the last thing you want to hear is "Can we go yet?!" This app is an amazing tool that can help families all over the globe get the most out of their experiences by making learning about history exciting and fun. 


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