Thursday, August 1, 2013

Choosing a Laminate Flooring For Your Home

We have our den renovation plans all worked out now except for the flooring which has been a nightmare. We have been back and forth a dozen times on what to do with the floors in there and we still have not come to a decision. We will finish up painting this weekend so flooring is next on our list so we need to make a pretty quick decision. We have been going back and forth between carpet, carpet tiles and laminate flooring and I am afraid we aren't any closer to making a decision than we were a week ago. We do have a sample of the carpet tiles on the way for us to check out in case we should decide to go that route but we are also still seriously considering laminate flooring. We were lucky enough to get some expert advice on laminate flooring from Factory Direct Flooring and hopefully what we learned from them will help you out as well if you  have been considering laminate!

*There are a couple different types of laminate flooring including Glueless-Click and Glued Laminate. Going with a glued laminate gives you a stronger floor, it comes with a higher price tag and takes a longer time to install. You can also go with a pre-glued laminate where you just have to moisten the glue to activate it before joining the pieces of laminate together. 

*Some laminate flooring comes with a pre-attached underpad. If not, you may need to install an underpad prior to laying the laminate flooring in order to give it cushion and sound absorption. 

*If you are installing laminate on or below grade or in an area that sees moisture, you should lay a plastic underlayment prior to install to give you a moisture barrier. 

*There are various types of laminate flooring that give a different surface look. You can choose from smooth, embossed, distressed and even textured. 

*Be sure to check the AC Rating on the flooring you are looking to install. AC1 is suitable only for light traffic areas like closets and bedrooms. AC2 is appropriate for moderate traffic like in living rooms and dining rooms. AC3 is for heavier traffic areas in both residential and commercial locations. AC4 is for general commercial purposes and AC5 is for heavy commercial. Our den is pretty high traffic so I would think we would need an AC3 Grade. 

*Choose a laminate flooring that goes with your style. If you love wood flooring, you can find laminate that looks very much like the real thing. You can also make patterns, choose virtually any color and any style. 

Laminate flooring is an easy and affordable option for flooring in your home. If you are consider laminate flooring, I strongly suggest you contact a professional who can show you all of the different types that are available to you. Take your time and make sure you find a flooring type that you are going to love and want to live with for a long time! 


  1. When we live in our previous house we put in new laminate flooring. It was tricky to find the color that would compliment everything. This article would have been helpful at the time!

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