Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Creative Baby i-Mat Review

Product was provided to us to help facilitate this review. All opinions are our own*

Technology has come such a long way in the past decade with high-tech gadgets becoming more and more a part of our every day lives.  My husband and I laugh because our kids can do things with computers and video games that would take us forever to figure out. When our youngest son asked for a Kindle Fire at the age of 2, I knew we were really going to have to start getting creative with the toys and games that our children play with. I love that my kids are so advanced when it comes to technology because if they aren't exposed to it when they are young, they will be lost by time they start school. Our older children do homework online and even work regularly with smart boards and iPads at school. Our younger children want to play on our iPhones and the computer every chance they get so when I was introduced to the i-Mat by Creative Baby, I knew we had to have it.

Creative Baby Inc. develops high quality products just for tots and the introduction of the i-Mat: My Animal World has not disappointed. The first in a series of interactive foam mats, the play area is made of four interlocking pieces that are activated with the Voice Pen. Babies and older children learn while exploring the mat with just a touch of the pen to the word bubble. The Voice Pen holds 2G of memory and sold as a set, the i-Mat retails for $79.99 on the Creative Baby website. One of the greatest things is that children can learn in different languages and can choose between two fun games. The mat itself is phthalate, lead and heavy metal free and the mat is super easy to wipe clean. For a limited time Creative Baby is offering free shipping on all pre-orders. This Fall they are expecting to launch two new adventures, i-Mat My Alphabet and i-Mat Under the Sea. As new mats are introduced, parents can connect the Voice Pen to any computer with the included USB cable and can download the new sound files. The new pads will be priced between $24.99-$29.99!

We received i-Mat: My Animal World in the mail last week and to say it has been a huge hit with our little one's would be a huge understatement. Aiden is 3 1/2 so he is old enough to understand the questions in the games and he can easily find most of the animals. Even so, there are so many different things on the mat that he doesn't already know so he is learning and because he has to search for the things that it asks for, it keeps him engaged for longer periods of time than he normally would sit and play with something.

It is also a great learning tool for Olivia. She is only 18 months old but she loves watching Aiden and listening to all of the animal sounds. 

We cannot wait for new mats to come out to continue the fun and excitement that the kids have found in this product. It has already provided so much learning and enjoyment that I can only imagine the new mats will be an extra special treat. 

Here's a quick video we made of the kids playing with the i-Mat. Don't make fun of me for telling Aiden the wrong answer though! Haha! 


One lucky winner is going to receive their own i-Mat!

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