Friday, August 2, 2013

Educational Insights Design and Drill Take Along Toolkit

Last year when our youngest son had just turned 2, he was diagnosed with a severe speech delay. This was really hard for me as he was our 4th child and all of our other kids were very advanced at this age. I remember coming home and crying thinking it was something we had done wrong. Maybe I didn't spend enough time talking to him or maybe I just failed to teach him. After time, I realized that it was nothing that I had done but he had a problem with his ears that had led to the delay. That's when our adventures began with speech therapy. In addition to the weekly speech session that he had, we had an interim teacher that came to our home once a week and played with him. At his age, most learning is done through play and she had some amazing ideas for me to help him learn.  She had so many different games and toys from Educational Insights so I was so excited when they sent us one of his favorites to review for our Back to School Guide! 

The Design and Drill Take Along Toolkit is a must have for every preschooler in your life, boy or girl. This fun toy teaches kids counting, colors, shapes, and patterning while building fine motor and creativity skills. This is a great toy to take on the road or to play at home. Our little guy takes it to Grandma's house on a regular basis to keep him busy while we are away.  It includes 60 bolts in 5 different colors, 3 drill bits, an electronic screwdriver, an activity guide that gives 10 patterns and an activity board that doubles as a carrying case.  

I really cannot say enough good things about this toy. Our son has learned so much from playing with it and it amazes me how long it keeps him engaged and entertained. He is 3 years old now and at this age, kids are so hard to keep still to do activities for a prolonged period of time and we have no issues at all with this. He will play for hours and hours, screwing and unscrewing the bolts and he smiles ear to ear when he shows us his latest designs and patterns. This is a smaller version of the Design and Drill Power Tool Workshop that I think is probably going to need to be on our holiday list this year. 

Check out EducationalInsights.Com for their full line of fun and educational toys for all ages. Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you will be delighted with their products. Orders over $50 receive free shipping so this is a great time to stock up! 


One lucky reader is going to win their own Design and Drill Take Along Toolkit!

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