Friday, August 16, 2013

Guest Post: Kuala Lumpur For Kids

Kuala Lumpur is known for its shopping and food, but it also has plenty to do to occupy even the smallest traveller. From exciting, interactive museum exhibits to some of the world’s most interesting creatures, children have a lot to enjoy in the lively Malaysian capital.
Most of the activities for children are near the city centre or easily reached by public transportation. For groups or for families with small children, taking a taxi to sights is also an affordable option. When you’re travelling with small children, limit the amount of transportation necessary to reach your destinations so they won’t get exhausted. To see which hotels in Kuala Lumpur are best for family vacations, try here.

Zoo Negara

Children are always fascinated by exotic animals and the Zoo Negara (National Zoo) keeps more than 450 species of creatures. Not only do they have perennially popular exhibits like elephants and tigers, they also have a petting zoo for children, an amazing assortment of reptiles and insects, an aviary with free-flying birds and an aquarium. After walking around the 110-acre zoo, rest while taking in the daily animal show offered twice a day. If that sounds like a lot of walking with kids, don’t worry, you can ride a sightseeing tram around the exhibits as well. Forget your camera? Have your own private animal encounter at the Photo Corner on weekends and holidays. The zoo is located five kilometres from the centre of Kuala Lumpur, and can be reached by private car, taxi or bus.

Amusement Park at Berjaya Times Square

Are your kids finding all the shopping in Kuala Lumpur too much to take? Entertain the youngsters at the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park while the adults look for more bargains on the below levels. The highlight of this amusement park is the long rollercoaster that spins and circles above shoppers’ heads inside the mall. If your children don’t like rides, the mall also has an arcade and a cinema complex on its upper levels. The mall is near the centre of the city, not far from Bukit Bintang.

Petrosains’ Interactive Oil Museum

More indoor fun can be found at the Petrosains Science Discovery Centre, located inside the fourth level of the Petronas Towers. This museum explains the science of petroleum-processing — and much more — in an innovative and informative way with plenty of hands-on activities for children (and adults) to enjoy. Some visitors say this is a good time-filling activity while waiting on available tickets for going up to the skybridge of the Petronas Towers.

The K.L. Tower

Though the most famous tall structure in K.L. is the Petronas Towers, the K.L. Tower is also a dominant feature of the city’s skyline and a fun place to visit with the kids. At the top of the tower, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and suburbs in addition to a revolving restaurant. Simply riding the elevator for that many stories may be a highlight of your kids’ trip. Under the tower, there are also activities children will enjoy, including pony rides.

Acuaria Aquarium

Visit the giants of the deep in this award-winning aquarium located in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre complex. Children will adore watching fish swim past from the aquarium’s underwater tunnel, which is 90 metres long. There’s also a touch pool where the young and young at heart can pet starfish and other marine creatures under the supervision of aquarium staff. You can also watch shark feedings.

Batu Caves

The Batu Caves are not only a thing to do with children but a must-see attraction for all visitors to Kuala Lumpur. This is a Hindu temple built inside a limestone cavern, located north of the city. Take a short train ride from Kuala Lumpur to reach the caves or hire a driver for the day. The temple is reached by a steep flight of more than 270 steps. Kids will find this strenuous but fun. Inside, visitors will note the statuary and altars of this temple dedicated to Lord Murugan and may explore the network of caves. Outside, kids will especially enjoy watching the numerous macaque monkeys that make this region their home. It’s a good idea to caution children not to feed the monkeys; they look playful, but they may bite if they feel threatened.
Photo credit: jonolist / Foter / CC BY-SA

About the Author: Anila Barad is a travel writer and mother. She has visited Kuala Lumpur with her children several times. 


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