Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guest Post: Tips For Moving Into A Smaller Home

Tips for moving to a smaller home
By Robert Barlow

So for whatever reason, money, kids moving out, moving from renting to buying, etc, you need a smaller place. The problem? You've got stuff perhaps too much for a small house. Only one way to find out I suppose, and that is making the move. However if you mess that up you're going to be left with your things out in the rain. So here are some tips for getting all your best things in, and fitting them as best you can. 

1 Be Brutal

What do you really want to keep? Go through your things, your cupboards, your furniture and your basement and inventory it as best you can. Decide what you don't need, what you haven't used in years. I know it hurts, but you have to get rid of it. Once you're left with things you need its time to load them up. Keep in mind, these are only the things you don't need, ever.

2 Do your setup

Take pictures of your new place, figure out floor and corner lengths and angles and take a look at your furniture before you even pick it up. That way you'll know the floor plan for when the time comes that you have to move you can take advantage of the space to keep as much of your old stuff as possible. No need to get rid of more than you have to after all. 

3 Pack it tight

Once you've moved your big things you'll find yourself with a lot of little stuff. Nothing particularly important or noteworthy, but many little ornaments and nick-nacks that make a house a home. It's a good idea to wrap up as many of your breakables as possible, and load everything that doesn't break easily into boxes. Pack them as tight as you can, seriously, you will need all the space. This goes back to tip 2 as well. Figure out where you're going to put everything on your shelves.

4 Priorities

You're going to need to figure out what you're going to put where. Pick everything you want, load them up and use what's most important with the excess space. Load up what you absolutely need and set it up, then you'll need to decide what you're going to do with the rest. Don't think you can keep everything, no matter how well you set things up, distance doesn't lie. 

5 What's left. Sell? Store? Throw?

 Take what's left in your old place and decide what you want to do with it. If you want to keep it for your next place engage a Fort Knox Storage Unit and keep it all there. This can also be useful if you want to store the things you want to sell on a temporary basis, as storage units are only kept by the month you can easily get rid of it when you no longer need. 

With these tips, you can make a bothersome chore a little less bothersome.


  1. Nice post. Moving is very daunting task and if moving into a small house it is very difficult to adjust. You have given very great ideas for managed move properly and in an easy way. Label the boxes is also a good idea to pack and unpack the things.

  2. We had to get rid of a lot of stuff when we moved into a smaller home earlier this year. It felt great downsizing some of our clutter, although I do miss some of it now. ;)

  3. The key to a smooth move is organization.These tips on moving are helpful hints and useful suggestions to assist us in organizing and planning our next move.

  4. Number one is the most important of all the tips! Getting rid of everything you don't really need is the key to a easier move!

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  6. Very good post. Moving is not an easy task. I have past through it and I know how difficult is. The checklist is a very good idea. Greetings

  7. Great tips! I always advice my clients to make an yard sale before a house or apartment move! The best way get money from unused furniture and stuff.

  8. Hell yeah! Thats exactly what I do when I moving from one house to another. Brutal is my second name HAHA! But I am not superman, and for moving my stuff I use this service https://www.moveprola.com/west-hollywood-movers/ that do their work quick, fast and reliable!

  9. This is just great! These tips are just so true. Indeed moving is not an easy task but with this checklist, it has become great and easy. Thanks for sharing this one.

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