Monday, August 5, 2013

New Book Release: Diana's Baby

If you have been on the lookout for a great new read and you have a passion for good non-fiction books about royalty, look no further. Diana's Baby, written by Angela Levin and published by emBooks, has recently hit the Ebook market and promises to be a great read for all.  As the world's first royal baby book, Diana's Baby includes details on Kate and William and the repair of a broken family and has recently been updated with details on the arrival of the new baby Prince. The book covers everything from the rumors to the media frenzy and the timeline to the baby's safe arrival. Readers will also gain insight into the future of the Monarchy in Britain as well as dive into the past of Prince William, Diana's first and beloved baby, and how he managed to overcome his dysfunctional beginnings. 

Personally, I feel that this is one of those books that you will start and will have trouble putting down.  It's a book of hope and inspiration that outlines the tragedies that Prince William had to go through to get to the happy ending with the arrival of the new Prince.  Readers from every walk of life will find some part of the story that they can relate to as Prince William had to suffer a life like many others with the disastrous marriage between his parents Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince Charles.  Facing his own emotional demons, Prince William finds love and happiness in Kate Middleton who comes from an ordinary family with extraordinary family values. 

The book can be downloaded through iTunes on a Mac or via the App Store on your iPad or iPhone. The emBooks app is available for free download.  

Author, Angela Levin, writes regularly for national newspapers in the UK. She specializes in in-depth interviews and has been commended several times in the British Press Awards.  She is also the author of six non-fiction books. 

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