Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why Choose Wood Flooring For Your Home

As you already know we are considering both carpet and laminate flooring for our den but another viable option for us to choose from is solid wood floors. A large portion of our home already has wood flooring including 3 bedrooms, a hallway and the living room and we absolutely love those floors. When we bought this house they were in rough shape but we were able to get them completely refinished for less than $2,000 which made us extremely happy because they look brand new again. I learned everything I need to know about solid wood flooring from the Wooden Floor Specialist which means we are one step closer to making a decision on what type of flooring to use in our den. 

If you already have wood floors but they have seen better days, don't count them out just yet! You can actually hire a professional to come in, completely sand them down to bare floors again and then reapply the finish to give you brand new floors again. Before hiring someone, however, be sure to ask for references and then check those references. Our flooring guy gave us a list of over 20 references before we even requested it which told us that he stands by his work. We called over half of the people on his list and everyone gave rave reviews so we were happy to hire him to do the job. After sanding was complete, he applied over a dozen finishes in small spots on the floor so we could see what the different colors of stain looked like and he also showed us the different finishes so we could choose something perfect just for us.

If you are considering hard wood floors, you need to do your research and find floors that are perfect for you. Remember that hardwood flooring is timeless, elegant and should last a lifetime. Wood floors compliment any type of home including traditional and modern. Solid wood flooring is a solid piece of wood from top to bottom. Thickness can vary but the benefit is that solid wood can be sanded and refinished many times and can be installed above or on grade. Engineered wood floors are real wood but they are manufactured using three to nine layers of different veneers.  The sub layers may or may not be the same species of wood and the grain of each layer runs in different directions making it very stable. The top layer is made from high quality wood but you cannot sand and refinish as many times as you can with solid wood flooring. 

After you make the decision to go with wood flooring, you will need to consider a stain and finish depending on your taste and style. There are SO many different stains available enabling you to get the exact look that you are after. I prefer darker woods with a hint of cherry. I also like a low gloss finish. This will vary depending on what you are looking for so be sure to ask to see many examples so you can find the one that's right for you! 



  1. We are looking to add wood flooring to our home due to our daughter having allergies and asthma. Thank you for the tips. It will make things a lot easier.

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