Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 Features to Try Out In Your Backyard

Over the last few years, water features have become popular backyard additions. Fountains, waterfalls, and pools add a sense of tranquillity and peace to your backyard, and the sounds of the water features are naturally soothing and give off feelings of peace and relaxation. As well as a sensory feature, they all add an aesthetic appeal to an otherwise boring and plain yard. 

  Water features can be simple attractions such as a birdbath, or extravagant structures such as a pond or even a small water fountain. Whatever your budget or yard size, Here are our top five picks.

 Bird Baths

Bird baths are a perfect pick for people with any budget. Bird baths can transform an otherwise boring yard into a beautiful garden, and can attract a whole array of bird species. Bird Baths are a perfect water feature for anyone wanting minimal maintenance. There are many interesting types of birdbaths, such as the Eva Solo Bird Table, the Beehive Seed Feeder, and the Hummingbird Feeder Mobile. They are constructed in many interesting shapes and from many materials, and are the perfect additional to a simple backyard.


Ponds are one of the most popular water features, as they suit many types of landscapes, from regular backyards to the dynamic gardens. Ponds are easy to install, as they suit any size and shape, and suit simple styles to the more intricate – with added waterfalls, pond plants, and even fish. Ponds are a fantastic way to make your backyard stand out, and turn your plain backyard into an aesthetic scenery.

 Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are undoubtedly the most sought out water feature to install, as they are not just attractive to look at, but they offer a retreat to cool off in those sweltering summer months. Swimming pools come in just about any shape you like, and each one is suited to everyone’s budget and taste. Swimming pools can instantly transform your outside patio into an entertainment area, and turn any drab backyard into an area that can be used more than the inside of the house. For an even more exciting pool area, it is relatively easy to add a small waterfall attached to your pump system and pool filter. 


 Fountains are an easy water feature to install, and include a small water statue for your veranda or a stone fountain for your garden. Fountains encourage a sense of tranquil movement in a flat, unmoving surface, and are extremely easy to install. Set yourself up a hammock and you will never want to leave your backyard. 

Water Plants
Water plants are a great addition as a backyard feature. They don’t need watering, and produce beautiful aquatic easy to grow flowers. They require a slow-release fertilizer for long term care, and can be planted in ponds. There is literally no limit to how you can transform your backyard into an exotic outdoor water feature.

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