Sunday, September 1, 2013

5 Top Tips on How to Create a Relaxing Spa in Your Home Bathroom

After a long and stressful week at work, it would be a fair to say that most of us wish we could head off to a luxurious spa resort to rest, relax and recuperate. This is unfortunately nothing but a dream for most, as the weekend leads to additional housework and chores which limits the time to rest even further! Wouldn’t it be great though if you could bring the luxury of a spa into your home by creating your own relaxation haven in your bathroom?

Well, maybe you can as detailed below are five top tips for transferring the stylish design of a spa resort into the bathroom of your very own home, meaning that after a long day looking after the kids or a stressful afternoon in the office, you can retreat to your very own haven to relax.

Tip One: Create the Right Ambience

In order to relax and drift off into your desired tranquil world, you need to create the right ambience within your bathroom space so invest in plenty of candles that you can locate and light around various areas of the room as well as changing the main lighting to allow you to deem the lights when necessary. Once these basics are in place, you will be starting your journey towards a spa like bathroom on the right footing.

Tip Two: Little Things Make a Big Difference

You will, in many cases, find that huge changes aren’t necessarily required to make a big difference, so consider replacing your existing taps, for instance, with stylish contemporary alternatives that you would be more likely to find on a spa break. Updating accessories, such as towel rails, can also make a significant difference; all coming together to create a more luxurious feel.

Tip Three: Develop a Flowing Design

Whenever you visit a spa, you will notice that the design is maintained throughout all areas to develop the professional and relaxing feel people using the facility desire. If you want the same results, you need to ensure a flowing, natural design is maintained throughout your bathroom from the suite you choose to the tiles on the wall. Tiling has a very important role to play in this as designs can be chosen to suit the current style of your room or alternatively, if you are going for a complete refurbishment, can be used as the base for the design of the rest of the room.

Tip Four: All About The Accessories

For a home bathroom spa, it is all about having the right accessories available to you, so this is your opportunity to head out to the shops and invest in the best! If your current bath doesn’t have a massage or jet water facility, you can now buy units that you can add to your existing bath when full which will create your own mini Jacuzzi in the comfort of your own bathroom! Furthermore, don’t forget the piles of differently sized towels you’d find in a spa as well as an array of beauty products that can be used as and when you wish to completely indulge.

Tip Five: Don’t Neglect the Details

They say that the devil is in the detail and when you are trying to create a spa retreat in your own home, this couldn’t be truer. The final details are what make a room, so from the plush rug you place near the bath to the artwork you hang from the walls, framed photographs of family members and mirrors you locate around the room, make sure they all complement one another to successfully create the mini spa you desire in your home.

Everyone is entitled to a little luxury every so often yet by following these steps and creating a spa retreat in your own home, you can experience this level of luxury whenever you please; the perfect antidote for dealing with the hectic and often stressful daily lives many of us now lead.

This post was written by blogger and home interiors enthusiast Oliver Kyle, who when updating the bathroom in his home to give it a contemporary edge, invested in tiles from Trade Price Tiles which helped in achieving the desired look.

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