Sunday, September 29, 2013

Benefits of House Plants

You hear a lot about going green with home decor and in various other areas of life. Generally, the term "going green" refers to making environmentally friendly choices. You can literally "go green" by adding plants to your indoor decor. There are many benefits to having a collection of houseplants in your home. 

If you are already cringing as you think back to the many green plants you've watched die a slow death will under your care, don't despair, there is easily accessible, expert assistance available to help you succeed as a caretaker of plants. Sometimes, plants fail to thrive simply because they are placed in an inappropriate environment. You can find a list of the best indoor houseplants at Not only will you find an extensive list of plants that you may quickly fall in love with, you will also find plant care information. You can learn about the lighting requirements, water requirements, fertilizer needs and other helpful tips for each plant they have listed.

Green plants can help remove pollutants from the air inside of your home. They can also increase the humidity level and decrease the dust inside your home. You can find research that suggests that caring for plants is a way to lower blood pressure and to simply make you feel happier. 

In addition to the many health related benefits plants provide, they can also be a wonderful decorative accessory for any room. You can find plants such as the Coleus or Croton that actually have leaves with color variations that complement your decor. You can add texture to your decor with plants such as a Palm or Donkey's Tail. Uniquely shaped plants such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig and many varieties of cactus can become living sculptures that add beauty to a bookcase, accent table or wall shelf. Some plants, such as the Dracana Marginata Plant are listed by NASA as clean air plants. This is an unusual looking plant that would be an eye-catching part of any room decor.

With help from plant experts in the selection and care of houseplants, you can make them a part of your home decor. Few home accessories can be credited with having both health benefits and aesthetic benefits. You may want to start with a few easy care plants and progress to more challenging varieties as your confidence level increases.


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  2. Most perennials will extraordinarily profit by being sown straightforwardly outside toward the finish of summer. That will allow the plants to encounter their common cool cycle and influence them to develop more grounded and time permitting in spring.


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