Monday, September 23, 2013

Cedar Point Halloweekends #CPMoms

Fall is definitely in the air. The weather is changing, the leaves are falling and that means just one thing. Halloweekends at Cedar Point has arrived! The kind people from Cedar Point invited us to come for opening weekend of Halloweekends last Friday and Saturday and to say that we had a great time would be a huge understatement. If you are looking for a fun place to take the family this Fall, Cedar Point is the place to go!

Cedar Point is known for it's amazing rides and they definitely didn't disappoint. I will be the first to admit that I am slightly terrified of roller coasters but that didn't stop my kids from dragging me on and off of every one we could find. We started out our day on the amazing Millennium Force roller coaster followed by the awesome Gate Keeper and that was just the beginning of our amazing time at Cedar Point! 

After a couple of hours of riding rides, it was time for a fabulous meal at the Midway Market where we enjoyed great food and company by some of the kids favorite characters! This was definitely a dining experience like no other. I personally enjoy a sit down restaurant where we have a wide variety of foods to choose from and the buffet that Midway Market offers was simply the best. The kids were able to find their favorite foods like popcorn chicken and macaroni and cheese which is a huge plus as a lot of places just don't offer kid-friendly choices like this. You cannot find a better deal than the value and quality of dining that you will find at Midway Market. 

Friday night was pretty chilly in Sandusky so we were super appreciative of the hoodies and hats that we received just in time for the sun to go down and the haunting to start! 

This year, Cedar Point has some amazing attractions for Halloween including Haunted Houses and outdoor scares that your family will definitely enjoy. I suggest you use discretion on which attractions you take your children into. Our older three children are 8, 10 and 11 and we knew they could handle the scary stuff so we took them through everything. They were definitely scared but in a good way and it's all they have talked about since we came home. One of the newest attractions was the Zombie High School haunted house and it was probably one of the better haunted houses I have been in! As you walk through the mock high school, you are met by the "undead" and boy were they plentiful! They were hiding around every corner and their makeup was amazingly realistic. I would say that this was probably the scariest one for my kids! 

In addition to Zombie High School, you can also enjoy more frightful attractions like Blood on the Bayou, CarnEvil, Cut Throat Cove, Cornstalkers, Eery Estate, Eternity Infirmary, Fear Fare, Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks, and the Eden Musee Wax Museum. These are all spread out throughout the park so you don't have to worry about missing any of them. We actually managed to get through every attraction Friday night which was pretty amazing. We were definitely ready to crash and if you are looking at an overnight stay at Cedar Point, we would recommend the Hotel Breakers resort! We stayed in the hotel Friday night and it was so convenient being right there in the park. 

On Saturday we hit the park again in search of fun, family attractions. If you have young children, these will definitely be some of the things you want to check out! After hitting some of the rides, we headed over to Dinosaurs Alive! on Adventure Island where we loaded up on treats in the Trick or Treating with the Dinosaurs attraction. One of the great things is that your kids aren't just going to load up on sugary candy. They received sweet treats along with an apple, toys and at the end of the trail they even received a pumpkin that they were able to decorate! There was also a great photo opp set up at the end where you can take some great fall pics! 

After this, we headed over to Howl-O-Palooza which is perfect for younger children. We visited the Magical House on Boo Hill, went through the hay bale maze and saw all of our favorite Peanut Pals. There are also countless shows that you can watch, the family friendly Halloween parade and so much more. 


If you are looking for an amazing time that your entire family will enjoy, you must check out Halloweekends at Cedar Point. It is a time that your family will look forward to going back to year after year!

*We received complimentary entry to the park and other perks as a part of our media visit to Cedar Point. All opinions are my own*

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