Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY's to Avoid from Woodstock Roofing

Winter’s fast approaching, and it’s a time where home care can become near-impossible to complete – things freeze up, we slip over and it just gets too cold to even think about moving away from the fireplace.

I mean, who knows what might go wrong when you step out into the icy winter wasteland – it’s just not worth the risk. To prevent you from spending your winter break hobbling on crutches or drinking through a straw, check out these ‘Don’t DIY’s  for what can go wrong when the weather’s colder than Michael Corleone’s Godfather stare. 

Woodstock Roofing has whipped up a hilarious compilation of roofing DIY disasters, so you keep out of the hospital when carrying out any work on your home. Our personal favorite? The guy tackling snow on his roof with a shovel – don’t try this at home! 

This post was written by Tom McShane – professional blogger, DIY enthusiast, lover of winter and writer for Woodstock Roofing. 


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