Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Modular Buildings: A Cost Saving Way for Schools to Create More Space

I can still remember back when I was in school and we ran out of space in the building and the school began putting up modular buildings to hold classes in. From 6th grade all the way through high school I had classes in these buildings. I remember at first my parents were not happy about it for various reasons but there are actually great benefits for schools to use modular buildings, especially if overcrowding is an issue. If you find yourself in a similar situation with your own children attending classes in similar buildings, read the benefits below to help you become more understanding as to why schools make the decision to use these types of structures. 

*Space. The last thing you want is your child going to school in overcrowded classrooms. Modular buildings open up new classrooms giving teachers and students more space which makes for a more conducive learning environment.

*More Economical. Building an entirely new school building or building on to a school requires a lot of funding. There have been so many cuts to the schools in recent years that most districts simply do not have the funding for these types of additions. Modular buildings allow schools to get the extra space they need without having to ask tax payers for more money via school levies, fee increases, etc. 

*Safety. Most reputable companies like Module AR Ltd set their standards high to ensure their buildings are as safe as possible. I know when I was in school this was one of my parents main concerns but when schools do their own homework, they can find companies that use only the best and safest materials when it comes to modular building construction. 

*Convenience. One year a school might have an influx in the number of students they have in a certain grade. On years like these, modular buildings are a huge convenience because extra classrooms can be added without a permanent construction project at the school. 

If your school starts using Modular buildings for classrooms, remember to keep an open mind. They are simply doing what is best for the students. Overcrowding in schools has become a big problem and the use of modular buildings allows schools to open up more classrooms so your child has a better learning environment and I can't imagine anything being more important than that! 

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