Thursday, September 26, 2013

Top Ways to Freshen Up Your Bedroom

If you’ve got a couple of annual leave days left to book offin 2013, it might be worth doing something productive with your time. Instead of staying in bed until noon, you could give your room a makeover so you can do the aforementioned in luxury the next time you’re off work! I moved house in March so I had plenty of jobs to do; the house was decorated to someone else's tastes and I wasn’t a huge fan of the bright pink wallpaper. In August I took two days off work to get the bedroom sorted at last, and I’m so pleased that I did. It’s so relaxing to go to sleep and wake up to the perfect room, so I highly recommend you do it too! Here are a few things you can change pretty easily...

Paint the walls

My house is a terraced property and the master bedroom was suffering from a bit of damp. We had a professional in to solve the cause of the problem, but the re-decorating remained to be done. It was the perfect opportunity to strip the walls of the pink wallpaper and put our own stamp on the property. We chose a simple paint palette that is both beautiful and calming - it is a lovely light green and looks perfect with white skirting boards and fittings.

Buy new furniture

We had moved from a small flat into our period terrace so there was actually quite a bit of space that was unused. We decided to upgrade our double bed to a super king as it would be more comfortable. To match the bed frame we also bought a new wardrobe, dressing table, chest of drawers and two bedside tables. It looks very inviting as it is all finished in a pale wood. We put our old bed in the guest bedroom and it works perfectly in there.

Update your bedding

With the furniture bought, we knew we’d need to get some new bedding to actually fit the new mattress size. We looked online for some flufffeather pillows and duvets, and since buying them we have had brilliant nights of sleep. I never realised how much my pillow affected my sleeping habits but I certainly toss and turn a lot less now! My mum was lovely enough to give us a homemade patchwork quilt for our new home so this is used on top of our duvet for a bit of extra warmth.

Match soft furnishings

To save a bit of cash, we decided to head to a car boot sale to pick up some accessories for our bedroom. We found a gorgeous mirror for £10, a pair of sleek bedside lamps for £4 and a glamorous jewellery box for £15. These items were all well-made and were a great bargain at the prices paid. It’s definitely possible to match your soft furnishings on a budget, especially if you look out for items that come in pairs.

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