Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Fly When You Can Cruise?

 If the thought of long-haul flights, cramped seats and sleep loss puts you off the idea of travelling, then you’ve got the wrong idea about travelling. Why deal with the stress and jet-lag of airline travel when you can have the luxury approach to holidaying? A cruise holiday will take you all over the globe without the sleep-depravation, hassle and discomfort of flying.

International Destinations

Cruising lets you travel to exotic, far away locations, just like flying, and there are so many to choose from. Whether you’re cruising up rivers or across the ocean, there’s a vast array of exciting holiday destinations on offer.
The real difference lies in the way that a cruise holiday will usually take you to several different destinations throughout your holiday, all while you relax on board. You can explore each port on your own or have the ship’s own tours escort you to interesting places and exciting attractions. And if you’re not feeling up to a day on shore, the ship is right there for you to relax on deck or immerse yourself in any of the onboard luxuries.
No waiting around red-eyed at airports to get where you’re going, it’s all taken care of for you.

Enjoy the Journey, Not Just the Destination

Travelling by plane can be a lot of stress and, particularly for long-haul flights or journeys with stopovers, is often a pretty unpleasant experience. This is especially true if you’re travelling with little ones, who find it especially hard to deal with interrupted sleep and long waits in airport terminals.
With cruising on a luxury liner, there is no stress about the journey to your holiday destinations; it’s quite the opposite. The journey itself, with cosy accommodation, top-notch facilities, on-board entertainment for all ages, fine dining, fun activities for kids and grown-ups alike, even kids’ clubs and social events, the travelling between each destination can be even more enjoyable than the shore visits!

An All-In-One Approach to Holidaying

Yet another reason why cruising takes the stress out of travel, is that all your travel plans are combined into one and taken care of by the cruise company. Firstly, your transport to whatever far-off lands you choose is already sorted, and conducted in the finest luxury. Also, your accommodation is taken care of, no need to book hotels or airport transfers, your room comes with you the whole way there and back again!
Your shore visits at each port can also be taken care of by the cruise company. They can help you plan and book your own activities in each location, or they can take you on their own tours and show you all the best attractions, with no fear of being late back to the ship.

Ditch the Jet Lag

Another huge benefit of cruise holidaying is that you avoid the loss of sleep and great big jumps into other time zones. It’s a much more laidback back to travel, bringing you more steadily into foreign time zones and never robbing you of sleep. No late-night flights, no sleeping on the ground at your departure gate, no need to try to sleep in tiny cramped seats, it’s luxury and comfort all the way.
So for the first-class way to experience travel with something to suit all ages, head over to the Cruiseabout website and start planning your dream cruise holiday now!

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