Thursday, October 10, 2013

Preventative Maintenance for Your Furnace and Air Conditioning Units

 In many areas around the world, Summer has ended and we are transitioning into Fall and Winter. I love this time of year because I save a lot of money on our energy bills because it's chilly in the mornings but not warm enough for the heat and it warms up in the afternoons and we can just open the windows to cool the house down. One of the most important things you can do as a homeowner is preventative maintenance on your appliances at the beginning and end of each season. 

*Change filters often. We change our filters every other month year round. If you have pets who shed, it is suggested that you change filters monthly. Changing filters helps save money on your energy bills and gives you better air quality in your home.

*Cover your air conditioning unit at the end of summer. Tarps that go over the system outside are very inexpensive and protect your system from harsh winter elements that many regions see during the winter months. 

*Program your thermostat to not come on as often during times you are away from home. If you work outside the home, in the summer time program the thermostat to turn up a few degrees while you are at work and in the winter time, have it turn down a few degrees. This prevents unnecessary strain on your furnace and helps save on your bills. 

*Get a tune-up on your furnace at least once a year. Companies like AC Direct can come in and help your system run more efficiently by checking and cleaning filters, testing mechanisms, etc. which will help prevent break downs. The last thing you want is for your furnace to quit working in the middle of a hot summer or frigid winter.  

*Check your outdoor unit for obstructions. Keep this area free from plants, fences, etc. 

*Use simple window treatments like blinds and drapes to block the sun from making rooms in your home too warm in the Summer. This will also help your furnace from having to work too hard. 

*Look for leaks around doors and windows of your home and seal them with a caulk gun to stop air from escaping. In the Summer, allowing heat to come into the home and air to escape causes your air conditioner to work much harder than it needs to. In the winter time, when cool air is allowed to come into the home, the furnace must work double time to keep your home warm. 

 Your heating and air conditioning units are much like a car. Just like you take your car for tune ups and oil changes, the appliances in your home need the same time and attention to ensure you are getting the best efficiency. These things only take a short time and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

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